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iPhone 13 & Future iPhones to Lack USB-C Upgrade

iPhone 13 will be the best it can be for Apple fans but there’s one thing missing – the possibility of having a Lack USB-C upgrade isn’t likely. So says a seasoned mobile phone expert, Ming-Chi Kuo.

Not that Apple is ready to ditch the Lightning port, for it will stick around at least for some time. We have been having this same rumor for several years that Apple will adopt USB-C as iPhone’s port; and the only port for that matter, but now, all hopes seems to have gone on that since Kuo said that not only will iPhone 13 not get Lack USB-C upgrade, no iPhones will ever get it in the future.

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Kuo is one of the few experts who think that USB-C is bad news. Some experts said it is detrimental to the Made for iPhone (MFI) business’ profitability. And its waterproof specification is lower than Lightning and MagSafe.

Iphone Loghtning Port
Iphone Loghtning Port

MFI is a licensing system in which accessories can obtain Apple’s stamp of approval for the product by making use of Lightning connector parts. It makes the device measure up to the required Apple standards. A certain logo is also added to show that a standard is expected.

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Because making use of USB-C will go against Apple’s resolve, there is no point for anyone to hope or say that soon the USB-C will come to iPhone 13 or other future smartphones. The company’s long-term is to use the new MagSafe charging system from the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro.

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MagSafe could be very nice in the event that Apple would love to remove all plugs from its device, it could be mean that iPhones will be more waterproof compliant and the design will look sleek.

As to the total replacement of Lightning, there is no hurry to do that now, because Apple doesn’t think the MagSafe ecosystem of products is ready to be replaced.

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