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Is Unroll.me Safe for use? See All We Know

Who among us doesn’t despise it when their inboxes are overrun with unsolicited commercial correspondence, advertisements, and junk mail?

In addition, it is a difficult and time-consuming chore to examine each email individually and determine which ones include relevant information and which do not.

The good news is that there is a service known as “Unroll.me” that assists with the handling of email.

What is Unroll.me?


Unroll.me is a web-based email management solution that assists users in keeping their inboxes clear and uncluttered. Unroll.me will handle all of your mass unsubscribing needs, allowing you to concentrate on the correspondence that is truly important to you.

The year 2011 marked the beginning of this company, which has experienced phenomenal expansion ever since its inception. Unroll is currently equipped with features that allow users to subscribe to emails, unsubscribe from emails, and receive recommendations.

This tool may be used with all of the major email services, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and so on. Both Android and iOS customers have the ability to download the mobile application and begin utilizing it on their respective devices.

Unroll me

How much does it cost to use Unroll.me?

The Unroll service does not cost anything to use. However, it is necessary to comprehend the rationale behind the provision of the service at no cost.

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Rakuten Intelligence, a well-known e-commerce company that sells its items through email marketing, is the company that is responsible for developing this application. On the page when you sign up for the service, if you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of the website, the company will be able to access your email data.

Once the company obtains your email data, it will sell it to other customers and clients so that they can send emails to you. Your home address and name are the only pieces of vital information that the company will not divulge to third parties.

Is Unroll.me Safe to Use?

Email is not compatible with maintaining data privacy in any way. Unroll. me had some security problems in the past, but afterward, the company made an effort to be more open and honest with its users.

At this time, the organization has strengthened its precautions for safety and security. They tell the users in advance of the data they are going to gather as well as what they intend to do with the data once they have collected it.

In addition, the corporation conducts regular checks for loopholes in its systems and makes certain that neither its data nor its security have been compromised. People who have access to the Unroll.me data are required to undergo the most stringent degree of security training and are made aware of the consequences that will occur in the event that the data is compromised.

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How do I delete my account with Unroll.me?

If you want to delete your Unroll.me account, all you need to do is follow the steps that are listed below:

  • Find the website where you can log in to Unroll.me and enter your login information there. After you have successfully logged in, go to the top right of the screen and select the ‘Settings’ option.
Unroll me
  • After this, you will be led to the page where you can configure your account, and there you will see an option to “Delete my account.” Simply select that menu item.
Unroll me
  • Your subscription with the Unroll.me is now deleted.

Unroll.Me Alternatives

If you are not interested in using the services that Unroll provides, you can use any of the following services as an alternative to Unroll:

Native Unsubscribe Function

The built-in function for unsubscribing is not handled by a separate application. Indeed, the “unsubscribe” button is available on every email platform. You will need to manually open each email and click the unsubscribe button in order to remove yourself from the mailing list. Because you are doing it manually, there is no danger that you may accidentally unsubscribe from receiving essential emails.

Gmail Unsubscriber

This is a plug-in for Gmail, which means it may be used with that service. This tool looks for emails that resemble subscription emails and finds them if they are found. Once it has determined which emails pertain to a subscription, it will immediately unsubscribe the user and compile a report detailing the amount of unsubscribing that occurred on that particular day.

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Clean Email

The functionality of this program is comparable to that of Unroll.me. However, in comparison to Unroll, this utility possesses a greater number of functionalities. You are able to organize the emails into different folders, such as social networking, receipts, and so on. A monthly membership to use this tool can be purchased for a minimum of $8.

If at this point you have decided that the Unroll.me subscription is not for you, you can delete it by following the instructions in the next section.


What data is collected by Unroll.me?

Unroll.me will typically gather emails linked to transactions, such as receipts for online purchases, email subscriptions, and emails relating to other aspects of online buying.

How does Unroll.me use the collected emails?

Rakuten Intelligence’s trend analysis receives copies of the gathered emails as they are collected. After the data has been vetted, it is distributed to other systems, including those used in the e-commerce, airline, and logistics industries.

Some of the most well-known businesses in the world, such as General Mills, Johnson & Johnson, and The Clorox Company, are among those that utilize the Unroll.me service.


We recommend that you do not make use of the Unroll.me membership if you are extremely worried about the confidentiality of the email you use. Instead, you should either actively unsubscribe from the emails or use one of the options to Unroll.me that were presented earlier.

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