Kiwi Browser – Chrome-based browser required for Android

Kiwi Browser
Kiwi Browser

The Kiwi Browser is probably one of the best browsers for the Android operating system. Firstly, it provides a dark mode compatible with OLED screens. Second, a very intuitive interface. That said, the latest update has already been released and comes with a very interesting feature.

Kiwi Browser- So the update that was discovered by XDA-Developers adds support for Google Chrome extensions.

We remind you that the Kiwi Browser uses Chromium technology. However, those responsible for this app point out that any Chrome extension that does not depend on x86 code should work fine. In other words, it is possible that there are some incompatible extensions.

This browser has very interesting features. It’s very easy to clear browsing data, hide ads, and more

Still, Kiwi officials have stated that extensions like YouTube Dark Theme, Bypass Paywall and uBlock should work without any problems. Remember that extensions usually appear in the three-dot menu next to the tab button.

Are you prepared to try some extensions?

So a possible solution is to visit the Chrome Web Store. Then they have to activate the desktop mode. To do this go to the three-dot menu and choose a desktop site. Then you just install the extensions as you normally would.

However, this is not the only browser that supports Chrome extensions in the last few days. The Chromium version of the Microsoft Edge browser is now available online and is also capable of running Chrome extensions.

The latest Kiwi browser update is unique to the elements of XDA and to those who visit the developer’s GitHub page. It is available for download here.

If they are on your smartphone the version that will have to install on the page above is the file 79-1.apk. Once installed and when they open the browser they will see that it is quite fast and simple.

At the top they have the search box and a summary of the main news items just below. One aspect we really liked was the integrated dark mode. It covers the pages we visit.


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