KZ AS06 Budget Earphone Review, High Depths Reach, Dynamic Drivers


KZ for Knowledge Zenith has been in the audio equipment industry for quite a long time, and today we bring you this amazing earphone called KZ AS06, which is just amazing because the earphone fits for everything you need it for. This budget earphone comes fitting snugly into the ear and it is just almost impossible for it to fall off your ears.

Over the years, earphone users have placed emphasis on cost, the sound, the ease of use, and durability of earphones. It is disgusting to have something in your ear that feels like a heavy load; the KZ AS06 will sure put an end to those questions.

Another good thing is the price at which the earphone comes. This is a good budget-friendly device that anyone can buy without complaining about it being too expensive.

So, what is the KZ AS06 ear headphones like? A quick look at the pictures below will give you an idea or a couple of ideas.

KZ AS06 Contents

  1. Earphones (1 pair)
  2. Detachable cable
  3. Earbuds set position
  4. Connector 3.5mm
  5. Mic version headphone with microphone
  6. Mic version headphone equipped with a media/call control

For Home, Portable Use

If you received it new, make sure you have the genuine one by looking for the KZ logo, the words ‘Balanced Armature’ etched on the earphones themselves. You can use the earphones with any device that comes with a 3.5mm port, whether that be a laptop, smartphones, other non-smartphones, desktop computers, and the likes.

Of course, desktop use of this device will be stationary but making use of it with a laptop or smartphone means the user can travel or move around while using it, seeing it is even easy to drive and when you do, you don’t need an amp.

You can listen to your favorite hip-hop, RnB, Jass and other kinds of music and have the best sound that you have always dreamed of. This product is for you. It does not matter whether you want to listen in high decibels or low. But for your comfort, listening to sound in low tunes when making use of KZ AS06 will serve your best interest.

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Technical Specs of KZ AS06

  • Driver- 3 Balance Armatures on each side
  • Frequency Response- 20-40,000Hz
  • Impedance 15ohms
  • Sensitivity- 105dB
  • Cable- 075mm 2-pin braided copper


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The packaging of KZ AS06

KZ spent a lot of time designing what some people would think is a mobile phone pack because more than one person approached me and ask “What mobile phone is inside this box?” So the company did a good job in packaging the KZ AS06.

On the other hand, someone might feel that the packaging is profligate. Why would an earphone be hidden is such a nicely looking, expensive-kind-of-box? What this packaging bothers on is the premium style it exudes.

KZ has finally found a way to make its signature come alive in a positive way, but mid you, this accessory kit is more like what their packages were in the past. On the other side, probably, the package could have come smaller than it did. Maybe that would cut the price lower, but probably not to half of what it is sold at the present time.

What is loved about the KZ AS06 packaging is its compact style that serves the right purpose because even the package is very tight and it is hard for someone to complain about it. The company never gave the impression of the box being too big for the content inside of it. And what about the metal plaque? It is superb, although you first wonder what purpose it serves.

KZ AS06 Under-Box Contents

  • KZ AS06 earphones
  • 0.75mm two-pin cable
  • Flange silicone ear tips
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card


  1. Clear, distinct sound
  2. Light-weight, nice ergonomics
  3. Box contents give just what is needed and little that’s not needed
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  1. No simple carrying case
  2. No extras

Design of Accessories

The shells with metal plate make the product lovely. Check the two plates and you will see it easily tells you which plate goes into what ear. They already have ‘L’ and ‘R’ inscribed on them and this very nice and opposed to the former way of wearing earphones anyhow it comes and goes.

Also, you can find the channel differentiation and the following “6 Balanced Armature” in a very clean lettering. Look also at the rear half of the shell and you can see that it is made in black plastic. There is as well a pinhole that suggests this will allow the earphones to work without stress, seeing that the holes can prevent pressure buildup.

Out on top is found a two-pin port that are intended to lead users to wear the cables properly at all times. This can also reduce the probability of damage due to bending. Apart from that, you will find long nozzles and the wire or fiber mesh is quite good too. The copper-braided cable is quite flexible and even in harsh weather, it is able to stand its own.

How to Set Up the KZ AS06

Setting up your KZ AS06 earphone is easy and breezy! Start by removing the old earbuds (If you want) and push the new earbuds into place on the plate. Take note that you have to push it in entirely. Don’t worry if you find that the earbud is slight hard to insert.


Next, correctly wear the earphones by pushing each into the right ear. Take note again that the right ear is inscribed on each plate. You may need to twist until the earphone enters the ears fully. However, note that it is easy for it to fit into your ear. Wrap the earphone copper braids around the top-back of your ear, then adjust the memory to fit the ear shape. Now, you can plug the earphone into the 3.5mm stereo jack on the player. At this stage, the manufacturer recommends you greatly reduce the volume of the sound player before you insert the earpiece.

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Noise and Breeze Cancellation

Here’s a product that is good at pushing out extraneous sounds. Let’s say that you’re listening to your favorite song and then some people start making noise beside you. This KZ AS06 earphone has been designed to naturally fit and block all available spaces in your ears and this helps you to concentrate on what really matters. Same goes for breeze that may want to disrupt your enjoyment of the sound by giving a rumbling sound. These pass by without creating any interference.

This product actually has a great capacity to silence environment. So, are you often in transit? This is the in-thing for you. With its high depths reach  and dynamic drivers, get your bass needs satisfied without feeling bloomy.

Price and Availability

Certainly, you won’t complain about the price of KZ AS06 because looking at the box without knowing what’s inside it, you already perceive that the item is expensive. But for the price of $37.80 USD on AliExpress, you can’t be criticized for purchasing one.

As per availability, the item was released in the month of December 2018 or thereabouts and is available for purchase online and offline.

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Last Words

Surely, the KZ AS06 earphone is really something that makes KZ move up on its way to the zenith. Everything attached to the way the device operates is simple, yet okay; for it does the job well, although some may say there’s nothing new in what it brings. However, satisfaction is enough.


The fact that this packaging is a bar above the previous ones shows that the company is ready to do more in several areas to please fans. Accessories are scanty but not to worry, what is in the box seems okay for the moment.

Buy KZ AS06 Earphone with Mic on Aliexpress

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