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Leak shows that facial recognition may be coming to Oneplus 5

Last week Oneplus officially launched Oneplus 5T. The device is not very different from its predecessor the Oneplus 5, but it offers some improvements and very interesting features.

One of these features is called facial unlocking and allows the device to be unlocked quickly through facial recognition.

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Although it was compared to the face unlock found in SmartLock, it proved to be much more accurate.

Many people were wondering if the feature would come to Oneplus 5 but in a recent AMA, the company said no.

However, in a leaked build of Android Oreo for Oneplus 5 that was posted today in the XDA forum reveals that Oneplus can bring the facial unlock feature to your previous device.

The unlock feature via facial recognition unlike the Google implementation ignores the need to disable the lock screen manually.

Early reviews of the Oneplus 5T showed that facial recognition unlocking is generally accurate and is not easily misled by photographs.

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Oneplus says they are working hard on improving the facial recognition algorithm, for example by detecting whether or not the light emitted by the subject is coming from another smartphone.

That sounds like good news for any existing Oneplus 5 owner. The official Android Oreo beta for Oneplus 5 is scheduled to be released next week, so we’ll find out if this feature will actually be in the official releases.

At least it seems we have this feature being tested on Oneplus 5, even if the confirmation comes from a leaked build.

And it’s good that this suggests that the feature can be ported to existing OxygenOS builds because structure modifications, system applications, and vendor libraries can be installed seamlessly.

So now is to accompany. Even if Oneplus does not officially launch the feature on their devices, someone should make a good port, and it can be installed on some alternative ROM or on the stock if you have root access.

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