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Leaked video shows Xiaomi Mi 8 – scoop for Android

In recent weeks, the rumor has surfaced that Xiaomi will soon celebrate its eighth anniversary with a new flagship – the Xiaomi Mi 8. It is no longer rumored, because the Chinese tech giant has confirmed on Twitter that the device will be unveiled on Thursday, May 31. The Mi 7 is therefore skipped.

Xiaomi Mi 8 leaked

The revelation was confirmed by a teaser with the number eight and mysterious jobs. Now it turns out where those details go to hints – a semi-transparent back. This is evident from a leaked hands-on video of the Xiaomi Mi 8. The transparent back is reminiscent of gadgets from the nineties. HTC opts for a similar design with the HTC U12 +, a device that was unveiled this week.

The back is also reminiscent of the iPhone X, through the positioning of the camera. It is, in fact, vertical, and top left. That will not be a surprise for fans, because the recent offer from Xiaomi is more like iPhones than ever. At the front, we also see a familiar design – a notch.

Apple’s decision to implement a notch was highly controversial at the end of last year. Since then, virtually every Android manufacturer has been followed. In fact, it is reportedly difficult to collect high-end screen panels without notch at all. Only HTC and Samsung are big exceptions in the high-end market.

First Android smartphone with 3D face recognition

Anyway, Xiaomi reportedly has a good excuse. Where many Android manufacturers have so far only copied the notch because of the design, Xiaomi is the first to expect an Android equivalent of TrueDepth. That is Apple’s 3D sensor that ensures that the iPhone X can map your face. A lot safer than the one that OnePlus uses, for example, with its selfie camera.

On the other hand, OnePlus’ Face Unlock is a lot faster than Apple’s Face ID. Ultimately, however, you want safety and speed, if only to protect the consumer. Insiders claimed at the beginning of this year that it would take at least another year for the competition to have an answer to Apple’s special 3D sensors.

It now seems so strong that Xiaomi has achieved that as a leader. This makes it more logical for the company to go for a notch, although it remains a question of taste whether it looks good or not. Furthermore, it is difficult to distinguish details in the leaked video. The screen edges appear very thin except at the bottom.

There it is difficult to equal Apple because it is particularly pricey to the drivers of the screen panel to work. Apple uses special, more expensive OLED panels that bend at the bottom, so no thick screen edge is required. Ah, in exactly one week we know what exactly Xiaomi is planning with the Mi 8. All in all, it seems to be a promising device!

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