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Like You Know, Here’s How to Turn Off the AutoCorrect Feature on the Android Keyboard

The AutoCorrect feature is one of the features available on Google Keyboard whose purpose is to avoid typing mistakes. AutoCorrect can provide options for words or in other words predict the vocabulary that you might use when you type.

Actually, AutoCorrect can help us. We can type faster and more efficiently. But in reality, auto-correctness doesn’t always help. In fact, sometimes auto-correct is a pain and even slows us down when typing. Right? Right!

Fortunately, autocorrect can be turned off. So if you feel the autocorrect is bothering you, it’s best to deactivate it in the following ways, as reported by Phone Arena (15/1).

If what you are using is a Stock Android device like the Google Pixel or the Android One smartphone interface, you can turn off auto-correct by opening Settings, Language & Input, then Google Keyboard.

In the Google Keyboard menu, you will find the Text Correction sub-menu. In the Text Correction sub-menu, you ensure the auto-correct feature with just one tap.

Well, if your device is not in the Stock Android category, first you have to search for Google Keyboard with the assumption that Google Keyboard is already installed on your smartphone.

After you find Google Keyboard, go to the menu and you will find the Text Correction sub-menu at the top. After accessing the sub-menu, you can immediately turn off the auto-correct feature with one tap.

If one day you need the auto-correct feature again, we can activate it again at any time. If you don’t have Google Keyboard and want to try it, you can download the application for free at the Google Play Store.

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That’s a short but very easy way to turn off the autocorrect feature. We recommend that you also help your parents to disable this feature. Because, auto-correctness is also a lot of trouble and confuses parents whose typing is not very smooth, hehehe.

Keyboard Autocorrect Feature
Keyboard Autocorrect Feature

However, if you feel that the auto-correct feature is quite helpful, you can also optimize it more, you know. There are two ways you can optimize the auto-correct feature.

First, use an English dictionary. By using the English dictionary, the vocabulary suggestions we get are English vocabulary.

The second way, activate the spell checker. Oh yes, this spell checker is a built-in feature of the operating system (OS), not from the keyboard application. To activate it is the same as activating the English dictionary.

By activating the spell check site, you can find out whether the word you wrote is spelled correctly or not. Of course, this spell checker can be used for various languages, not only English.

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