Links to download Google Camera (GCam) for (almost) any mobile

GCam (or Google Camera) is one of the most popular camera apps for Android. Its post-processing software has made many users opt for it due to the improvement it brings to the cameras of their phones. And now we can download the GCam, the version of the Google Camera app that comes with Android 10.

What is the Gcam or Google Camera

It is the application that Google develops for the Google Pixel and that is highly appreciated by users since it is usually much better than the one that is integrated by each manufacturer. According to many, it is capable of squeezing the capabilities of Android cameras like no other.

download google play store

It has functions such as:

• HDR + and dual exposure controls
• Night vision
• High-resolution zoom
• Best Shot
• Portrait mode
• Google Lens suggestions:
• Playground- effects and stickers in Augmented Reality

Why is GCam compatible with some mobiles and others not?

This version of the Google Camera was released with the Pixel 4, the latest smartphone signed by Google and it is from which the APK has been extracted, adapting it to the different mobiles with which it is compatible. Before starting it is important to note that this will work perfectly for Qualcomm processors. In case you have a MediaTek or Kirin processor or if you have an Exynos, some ports have already been obtained (you can see the list later) but it is not guaranteed that they work well or 100%. If you do not know if you have one of these processors, we recommend that you look for the specifications of your mobile phone to make sure. You will also need your phone to have camer2api activated.

First APK of Google Camera 8.0

Launched with the Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a, the APK of the Gcam 8.0 has already been put online, or what is the same, the new version that has many new features and functions, in addition to releasing a new interface.

Google Camera 8 Apk
Google Camera 8 Apk

At the moment, it is something that is only available and proven that it works in Mountain View devices, that is- Pixel 2/2 XL, Pixel 3/3 XL, Pixel 3a / 3a XL, Pixel 4/4 XL, and the Pixel 4th. To begin with, before launching to download the Google Camera installation file, you will need this other app:

download google play store

With Split APKs Installer installed, you can now download the APK of Google Camera 8, which is offered from Tecnobuzz, and through the application, follow the steps for its installation.

If you do not have a Google mobile, you still have to continue with Google Camera 7, which below explains everything it offers and the download for each type of mobile.

What’s new in Google Camera for Android 10

New user interface

This new update integrates a clearer and simpler interface, with a better distribution of all the options that we can handle in the app, always with the Material Design that so characterizes the developments made by Google. In addition, it now offers tips to improve the photo we have taken, such as getting a better angle.

Google Camera 2
Google Camera

‘Do not disturb’ mode activated

Unlike other versions, in which this option did not exist or was optional, it is now activated automatically. Thus, when we enter the app for a photograph or to record a video, no notification will enter, regardless of the app that comes from. Those messages will be received, but they do not appear on the screen while we are using the camera.

Video recording at 24 FPS

Since this update, it is already possible to record videos at 24 FPS, when the minimum until a while ago was 30 FPS. In the same way, improvements have been added in the exposure mode, in such a way that now you can configure brightness and HDR adjustment in the photographs taken.

Google Camera 1
Google Camera

Image resolution changes

The app has transformed this aspect, having two resolution options to choose from, precisely those most used on a mobile. In this way, we can choose between ‘Full image’, with the ratio of 4- 3, and the option ‘Half image’ with which we will go to a resolution of 16- 9.

Advanced Options

We will find a new option, called ‘Save selfie as preview’. It is an option that disables the mirror mode of the front cameras. In addition, a function called ‘Frequent Faces’ has been added, which recognizes the best photo in which everyone comes out smiling and without blinking, something very typical in group photos. To achieve this advantage, we left pressed the new capture button that they have implemented in this version.

Google Camera 3
Google Camera

Improved night mode and Astrophotography mode

This system seeks to capture light even without using the flash, in the darkest settings for a photograph. Now, it has a zoom to bring the lens closer in this type of situation, since before it was not available due to the great noise that was generated in the image.

Gcam 7 3
Gcam 7.3

This improvement is closely related to the new ‘Astrophotography Mode’, which tries to search at night, the stars, and different elements of the sky, creating spectacular images. Of course, it has to be a place with very little artificial light, since otherwise, the starlight will not stand out.

Install GCam APK

Allow access to install apps from unknown sources

The first thing we will have to do is allow our browser to download APKs (that is, applications from unknown sources). For this, we will have to go to our settings. There we will go to our Applications section, which is possible that each manufacturer has it with a different name.

Once in Applications, we will have to look for our default browser or the one we intend to use to download the APK.

Once in the Information menu of the application of our browser, we will look for Install unknown applications. There we will click on the Authorize downloads from this source switch. With that, we will have the first step done.

Install the APK

Now we will have to look for the GCam APK that is available for your phone, if you don’t have one or you don’t know where to find it, don’t worry, in the table that accompanies this article you have links to APKs for a lot of devices.

Once downloaded, clicking on it will act as a classic executable, and you can install it. Once installed you can use the GCam.

Download APK GCam- find your mobile

It is really difficult for this app to be compatible with all Android devices since it depends on the version of the system and the characteristics of the mobile. For that reason, we are going to list those that are compatible with the Google Camera APK and have some port or modification of the app to be able to install it.

Model Download link
Galaxy S10 / S10 + / S10e Snapdragon
Galaxy Note 10 / + Snapdragon
Galaxy Note 9 Exynos
Galaxy S9 / S9 + Exynos
Galaxy S8 Exynos
Galaxy Note 8 Exynos
Galaxy S7 Exynos
Android 7.0
Galaxy A70 Single version
Other models (Android 10, 9, and 8) (Beta) Exynos / Snapdragon
Model Download link
Mi A1 Download APK
Download APK with telephoto Magisk Module
ARCore Magisk Module
Mi A2 Download APK
Mi A2 Lite Download APK
Mi 5 Download App
Mi 5S Download GCam
ARCore GCam
Mi 6 Option 1
Option 2
Mi 8 Download link
Mi 8 Lite Download APK
Mi 9 MIUI 10
Mi 9 SE Download app
Mi 9T Download APK
Mi Mix App Download
Mi Mix 2 Download link
Mi Mix 2S to download
Mi Mix 3 URL APK
Mi Max 3 Link to download
Mi Note 3 Port GCam
Redmi 3S Download APK
Redmi 4X Download port
Redmi 4 Prime Port Gcam APK
Redmi 5A GCam mod
Redmi Note 2 Download APK
Redmi Note 3 Download APK
Redmi Note 4 Download link
Redmi Note 5 Pro to download
Redmi Note 5/5 Plus Download app
Redmi Note 7 / Note 7 Pro Download GCam
Redmi Note 8 Pro Download GCam
Redmi K20 Pro Download here
Pocophone F1 Download APK
Pocophone X2 Download app
Model Download link
Redmi Note 6 Pro Download app
Model Download link
7 / 7T / 7Pro / 7T Pro APK Download
Ultra-Angle and Telezoom
6 / 6T Go down
5 / 5T Link Download
HEVC + Slowmo
3 / 3T Download app
Model Download link
Pixel / Pixel XL
Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL
Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL
Pixel 3a / Pixel 3a XL
Pixel 4 / Pixel 4 XL
Google Camera 7.2
Model Download link
G4 MGCamera
G5 / G6 CStark27
G7 ThinQ Standard
Wide Angle
G8 ThinQ Urnyx05 version
V20 / V30 CStark27
V40 ThinQ Standard
Wide Angle
Model Download link
Moto G5 GCMod
Moto G5S / G5S Plus Port GCam
Moto X4 Scrubber
One Download link
One Power AR Emojis and Night Mode
Moto G7 Port APK
Moto G7 Plus Port with Portrait and Night Mode
Moto G7 Power Port XT1955
Moto Z Download link
Moto Z Play Download App
Moto Z2 Play Port with HDR + and Portrait
Moto Z3 Play Download APK
Model Download link
ZenFone Max Pro M1 Download
Camera2 API activator
ZenFone Max Pro M2 Alternative download link
ZenFone 5Z to download
ZenFone 6 / ROG Phone II Android 10
Android 9
Model Download link
10 Download Magisk Port APK
U11 Download link
ARCore Module
U Ultra App download
U12 + Download Gcam
Model Download link
5/6 Scrubber Port
8 Download APK
8 Sirocco GCam Nokia
8.1 Download link
7 Download APK
7 Plus Port Nokia
7.1 Gcam with Night Sight
7.2 to download
Model Download link
Axon 7 to download
Model Download link
Reno 10x Zoom Download link
Model Download link
3/3 Pro Download APK
3 Pro Download APK
Model Download link
K6 Download APK
P2 Download here
ZUK Z2 Pro Download APK
ZUK Z2 Plus Download app
Model Download link
Mate 10 Download app
Mate 10 Pro Download app
P30 Pro Download app
Model Download link
Play Download app
10 Download app
View 20 Download app
Model Download link
Phone BSG or TLnNeun
Phone 2 Option 1
Option 2
Model Download link
Le Max 2 GCMod5
Le Max 2 Arnova8G2 v6
Model Download link
Phone PH-1 TLNeun
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