How to log out Netflix Account on a PS4? – Possible shapes


Netflix is ​​the pioneer when it comes to video streaming services. While there are similar services such as HBO Max or Disney + with a large catalog that has nothing to envy Netflix, being the first gave it a considerable competitive advantage.

The service is available on practically any device with an internet connection: these devices include all Sony Playstation consoles, including of course the PS4 and PS4 Pro, so this tutorial will be useful regardless of the version you have.

How to quickly log out of your Netflix account on a PS4?

The easiest and most direct way to log out of any account you have on your PS4 is to simply enter the service application and log out from there. Although of course, this is not the only way to do it.

If you are looking for this information because your Netflix account has been hacked, then you should follow the recommended procedures in these situations: remember that sensitive information is found in your account.

What alternative options are there to log out of Netflix on your PS4?

There are a total of 3 ways to close your Netflix session from a Playstation 4. It is necessary regardless of the way in which we do it to be connected to the internet or otherwise no change will be made.

From the ‘Gear’ option

First, you must enter the Netflix application from the PS4. From there press the circle button on your controller and choose the gear icon. All that remains is to select “Close session” and confirm the action to exit.

In the ‘TV and video’ section

You should be on the main screen of the menu of your Playstation 4. Once there, navigate to the “TV and video” section and select the Netflix application icon: then go to the options menu, choose Delete and Accept.

Sign out of all devices

To log out of all Netflix devices, from the browser version you must go to the “Account” menu of your profile by clicking on your profile icon. Once you enter the configuration section, select the option to “Close session on all devices” and confirm your decision.

Deactivate a Netflix device

Unfortunately, Netflix does not allow you to remotely log out of a single device. If we do not have access to the PS4 in which it was logged in, we must log out of all devices and then log in again on our devices.

If you have problems with sessions started on devices other than your PS4, you can also log out of other devices individually. That way you will avoid the hassles of having to log in again on all your other devices.

What activities are available after signing out of Netflix?

It is necessary to have previously logged out of Netflix to do certain tasks with the application on our Playstation 4. Once you have done so, you can do either of these two activities with the application installed:

Login as a different user

To log in with a different account after logging out, simply re-enter the application and from there select the option to log in and carry out the procedure with the username and password of the account that we will use.

Relax And Watch Netflix
Relax And Watch Netflix

It is normal that on certain occasions the Netflix application does not allow you to log in, however, the Netflix help center offers solutions for these types of problems. Therefore, if you have difficulties doing so, you can see what solutions the help center offers for it.

Uninstall the Netflix app

To uninstall the Netflix application, the procedure is aforementioned to log out directly: go from the main menu of the Playstation 4 to the TV and video section and from there select the delete option.

If you do not want to continue taking advantage of your subscription from your Playstation 4, then you can download and use the application on other Netflix-compatible devices. Of course, you must take into account the number of devices that your subscription allows you to use.

These are all the possible ways to log out of Netflix started on a Playstation 4. In short, you have three options: log out directly from the application, log out from the browser on all devices and finally uninstall the application from the PS4 ( the latter deletes the stored information from the account).