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How Long Does It Take To Get Permanent Driver’s License In Nigeria?

We all ask this question and hope to get the best possible answer.

Well, even if you can get the temporary Nigeria drivers license the same day you wrap up the biometric capture if there are no technical glitches at the capture centre, a little patience is needed to get the permanent one.

If there is no capture, you cannot receive the temporary driver’s license in Nigeria.

Several Nigerians applied for the new Nigeria driver’s license in May, last year, and they received the temporary license that same day the application happened.

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They filled the driver’s license application form that day, parted with cash at the bank that day (for the number of years they want it to be valid), got their VIO and eye test certificates on the exact day and even got captured the same day.

The temporary driver’s license should expire after 2 months.

When expiration happens, your permanent Nigeria drivers license might not be ready for pick up at the capture centre. You will be told to get a photocopy of the temporary license that will be stamped and signed on

You can use that till your permanent license is ready.

Three months later, your permanent driver’s license should be set to be yours.

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