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Blowing the candles – MacBook Air completes 10 years of existence

Today, exactly a decade ago, Steve Jobs took the stage to announce what would be the precursor of all the ultrabooks in the market – the MacBook Air.

The device was launched as the first in many respects; he pioneered the use of SSD as a storage technology as well as the first brand to completely discard the use of an internal CD / DVD drive and to carry a magnesium-free display for the first time.

The first version of the MacBook Air came to the market causing controversy over the bad design decision (especially at that time), seeing that the company only included a single USB port in the device, which was hidden in a compartment on the right side, micro-DVI input and headphone jack:


The model was also the first to include a multi-touch trackpad, something that is currently present across the line of Apple laptops.

In its original version, the MacBook Air came to the market costing from $ 1799, bringing in the most basic variant a 1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of RAM and 80GB of HD.

For $ 300 more, users could opt for a slightly faster processor unit of 1.8GHz, and 64GB of SSD storage.

In later generations, Apple understood that the machine was a perfect tool for on-the-go productivity, including in it more USB ports as well as featuring an 11.6 “model (already discontinued).

Currently, the MacBook Air is offered as the most in-demand option of the Apple product line and is currently the only Mac not to bring a Retina display.

The latest hardware update for the notebook came in 2015, which means that in the not too distant future, it will be discontinued (possibly when Apple bumps down to further reduce the price of the 12-inch MacBook).

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