Make Conference Call On Android Phone – Merge Several Calls

Conference Call4 scaled
Conference Call4 scaled

Since video calling became widely accepted all across the globe, most people believe regular conference calls are now old school, however, that is not the case. Android devices can actually perform conference calls with just the device itself, the same way it was done in the olden days before smartphones took over.

As you already know, a conference call is key for businesses right amid the pandemic and it basically involves a call with 3 or more people. With it, people in several geographic locations can meet at a prearranged time via the phone to sort out urgent business problems that need the input of various individuals.

Conference calling is simply key to the success of companies during this period because it aids business communications. It saves time and cash and workers all across the globe no longer have to be in the same spot to exchange vital information about the company.

For a business that is looking to expand as well, especially to foreign nations, rather than sending a huge number of workers and resources abroad, businesses can handle some vital aspects of the move with a conference call, thereby decreasing overall costs of operation. Let’s help you explore it on your mobile device by showing you How To Conference Call On An Android Smartphone By Merging Several Calls:

How Can I Conference Call On An Android Smartphone?

  • Click on the Phone icon to access your device’s keypad and contacts list.
  • Enter the phone number you wish to call or scroll through the list of contacts until you see the individual you intend to call. Click on their name, then click on the green phone icon to call the individual.
Conference Call Android Smartphone
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  • As soon as the person you are calling picks up, click the + symbol named “Add call.”
Conference Call Android Smartphone
Photo credit- Business Insider
  • Repeat the 2nd step for the second person you wish to call.
  • When the 2nd person picks up the phone call, both calls will be listed way up on your display. Click “Merge” to merge both calls together into one conference call. When that is done, you and the two people you are calling will hear and speak to yourselves on the same line.
Conference Call Android Smartphone
Photo credit- Business Insider

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  • If you wish to end the conference call, click the red and white phone button to hang up on everybody.

That is that.


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