Microsoft, Others Commence Green Software Foundation

The carbon crisis has been a major challenge for world leaders. More companies more than ever have been making environmental pledges to be carbon neutral or carbon negative.

In the present era, as the world works to address the urgent carbon crisis,  four companies have partnered to champion the course of addressing the global climate crisis, believing that together, they can achieve more than one company would in the long run.

Microsoft, Accenture, GitHub, and ThoughtWorks are proud to be among those that are pioneers of this initiative. They have made commitments to work together and start a green software foundation, which will achieve three main goals.

At this year’s Microsoft annual Build Developers Conference, a virtual event, software development was the key issue discussed. Every session and every panel took it up.

As experts think about the future of the software industry, they believe that everyone has a responsibility to help build a better future, a more sustainable one. Microsoft and its partners will like to support the initiative worldwide.

green software

Microsoft said that with data centers around the world accounting for one percent of global electricity demand, and projections to consume 3-8 percent in the next decade, it means that the world must address carbon issues at once.

The green software foundation is a nonprofit, founded by the four mentioned companies, to build a trusted ecosystem of people, standards, tooling, and leading practices for building green software.

Any organization that is interested in green software is encouraged to join, even as some have already joined. The foundation will help the information and communications technology sector to broaden out targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45 percent in 2030. That is totally in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

The goals of the green software foundation are (1) to establish green software industry standards that will help guide government policy. (2) to accelerate innovation in the green software field, and (3) to drive awareness and grow advocacy.