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Microsoft removes the Groove Music app for Android and iOS

Although few knew, Microsoft had its own streaming service called Groove Music. An application that has never finished working and that stopped working on January 1. Although, for some reason, the app was still available for Android and iOS. But it seems that finally, the company has already made the decision to withdraw it from the store of both operating systems.

Microsoft removes the Groove Music app for Android and iOS

Since several media comment that the company is preparing to eliminate the application of both stores soon. Although so far has not been confirmed officially by the American firm.

Goodbye to Groove Music

Although, the truth is that it did not make any sense to keep the application available for mobile. Since the platform itself gave its activity by the end of January 1. So the next logical step, in this case, is to remove the Groove Music applications from the iOS and Android stores. Something that the company wants to have ready for next December 1.

At least these seem to be Microsoft’s plans in this regard, although it is not known what will happen with the music stored in the application. Users may be able to store it in OneDrive, in order to use this application.

With this decision, it is clear that Groove Music completes its activity completely. So we hope to know more about the end of these applications soon. What do you think about it? Have you used the application on occasion?

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