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Microsoft Visual Studio Online Is Available Now – Web Based Code Editor

Microsoft has announced the Online version of Visual Studio on the Build, annual developer conference. There were many new announcements made but Visual Studio Online was the most catching one. It is an online code editor especially made for developers and ensures that you can work effectively from any device.

Microsft is launching Visual Studio Online as a companion to Visual Studio and Visual Code. Visual Studio is going remote with its online version. This step is taken to save a lot of time spent by the developers who commonly spend hours customizing their editor. So it will be more convenient to perform tasks in the browser such as reviewing a PR, Joining a teammate’s Live Share session, quick edit etc.

Visual Studio Online is not going to be the default coding environment for the developers but the word companion assigned to it by the Microsoft suggests that it will inherit all the capabilities and features of Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

There are also some awesome features equipped with this online version of Visual Studio. Visual Studio IntelliCode helps in increasing individual productivity by putting intelligence into IDE. In short, it is for AI-assisted development. Visual Studio Live Share is another excellent feature which lets the developers involved in real-time collaboration by allowing them to code and debug together with ease. Rich coding experience is also added to improve asynchronous collaboration and allow the developers to review PR in a more convenient way. This online version will also include the Visual Studio Workspaces as well as Visual Studio’s projects.

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Currently, the Visual Studio Online is available in private preview for select users only. In future when it will be made available to everyone that you can visit https://online.visualstudio.com/ and access the Online version Visual Studio on your desktop browser.

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