HomeMIUI 10 is officially presented on Xiaomi phones

MIUI 10 is officially presented on Xiaomi phones

Less than a year apart from the presentation of the 9th generation of the Xiaomi custom UI, it is already possible to know the new features that MIUI 10 will be able to enjoy from the next months. The truth is that their inclusions are lightweight but they continue to complete everything that the stock Android OS is already capable of offering.

MIUI 10 is a new version of the customization layer that works on Android and that corresponds strictly to the different devices of the rising Chinese brand. There are still no details on which current devices will receive this new update, but it is clear that the upcoming releases of Xiaomi will have so many improvements. We summarize the most relevant ones.

What’s new in MIUI 10?

MIUI 10 had its own event in Chinese lands

Among what can be done with MIUI 10 that was not in the past there is an integration with the camera configuration of the Xiaomi Smartphones, more precisely adding a native bokeh effect in the camera application. Its operation is based on the use of Artificial Intelligence to obtain photographs in portrait mode even if there is no double sensor. They will have to be seen in action at the mid-range and entry-level device of the brand.

On the other hand, Xiaomi was among the first to add multi-window features on its platform before Google did on its OS. Today it is already viable to find the native feature in Android Oreo, so MIUI 10 goes to another direction adding vertical windows. Its presence looks different from the previous versions, since it divides the screen into two columns so that it is not necessary to change the orientation of the panel.

In addition to what is mentioned about their cameras, Artificial Intelligence will also be used to reduce loading times to the maximum, anticipating the habitual use that the user gives to his phone so that there are no performance problems when it comes to multi-tasking or the execution of several applications in a constant way. There were never any reasons to complain about this aspect previously, so now even better results are expected.

To conclude, the MIUI 10 custom UI adds a widget on the left page of the main page, which is called App Vault and allows you to control all devices that are synchronized with the device from the same screen. Considering that Xiaomi has a catalog with a wide variety of gadgets and technological equipment for the home, it can gain utility.

In conclusion, this update does not radically change the user experience but it is clear that not all users want to change too much everything that Android already offers. What do you think of the MIUI 10?

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