Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier Compatible with Android, iPhone

Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier 2
Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier 2

I have a small display laptop. After watching films on the screen for a long time, I started wishing for a bigger display. When it comes to watching films, the bigger the screen, the better.

My small laptop display is just 10 inches. That means the mobile phone screen magnifier, which comes as a 12 inches display is even better than tan my laptop screen. It comes with some perks as well. Knowing that the screen magnifier is a Bluetooth speaker is enlightening as well.

Manufactured by Dizaul, the cell phone screen expander is a bestseller when it comes to customer acceptance. You could move your face away farther from the screen because the pictures are larger. That’s just one advantage. What are the other advantages?

Overview of Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier

Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier
Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier

The Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier features an HD zoom optical technology that makes your smartphone screen larger than it really is by making it twice bigger or more. Even though the image is enlarged, it will not be distorted at all. The magnifier enables crisp, clear pictures to be displayed on larger screens.

There’s no need for a battery. That’s another advantage. But for those who enjoy playing games for long on their phones, making use of the screen amplifier with a wireless keyboard makes life more comfortable. Many have been able to do this, turning their smartphones into gaming stations.

Great Features

  • Incredibly durable, and made from environmentally friendly wood, the magnifier has a premium quality to it.
  • You don’t need to worry about charging your screen magnifier.
  • It’s comfortable, relieving fatigue from your eyes, enabling you to stare at your magnified screen for longer without getting your eyesight sore.
  • It is versatile, as it can work for both Android and iPhone devices.
  • It is lightweight and portable so that anyone can carry it along with them on a trip. It is so easy to use that some call it a nifty gadget.

Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier Specs

Package Dimensions10.1 x 9 x 0.6 inches
Item weight15.2 ounces
Model NumberSM-03
Display FeatureWireless
Date AvailableAugust 2019
Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier 1
Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier 1

Why It Is Recommended

Those who watch a lot of movies every day on mobile can relate to the very fact that after such instances, their eyes could become very tired and strained because of the closeness of the eyes to the smartphone screen.

User Experiences

Celaya: I didn’t expect too much from this gadget when I bought it but using it proved to be very beneficial. When I’m traveling and do not have access to my large computer monitor I use this magnifier.

David: For the price and what it is made of, I think it is a great value. It is easy to set up and use. The build is not bad, it is sturdy for what it is. But I don’t expect it to last for more than a year if it is used daily.

Moser: I was very excited when I first heard about it. It is indeed a brilliant idea! After my son broke the second tablet, we decided to have no more iPad or tablets in our home. This screen magnifier is what I need. It’s very simple, and the quality is good.


Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier really satisfy a need. Some people who buy it and now enjoy it though they had no need for it at first. You will be surprised at the ease the gadget offers. One thing though, makes sure you find the best angle to it in your home because it makes a difference where your screen faces. The price is not much but the value can be great.


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