MyGOtv App – a Platform To Manage Your GOTV Account & Subscription

    MyGOtv App Manage GOTV Account
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    Multichoice, the brain behind DSTV and GOTV, recently unveiled a fresh mobile application named MyGOtv, and it is meant to help several GOTV customers across Africa. The CEO of MultiChoice Nigeria, Mr. John Ugbe, recently revealed that the company is focused on making self-service a guarantee for GOTV users, aiding them to manage their viewing preferences efficiently, check account balances, clear error codes, change packages, make payments, and even update their details from time to time.

    According to Mr. John, the new application will serve as an innovative and effective platform that will help to meet the several needs, requests, and demands of GOTV customers on the continent. As soon as any GOTV owner decides to download the application, the customer will find it easy to access their customer details (Surname, registered mobile number, and decoder IUC number) to log in from any smartphone.

    Immediately a customer logs in, the MyGOtv app will instantly allow such users to manage their GOtv account seamlessly while on the go and when you are indoors. Mr. Ugbe also said that by helping GOtv customers with the management and monitoring of their GOtv accounts independently, Multichoice is targeting a decrease in queues and queries at customer service centers scattered all over Africa.

    This definitely means less work on the Multichoice staff while providing enhanced one-on-one support to GOTV users who need it. The company’s aim is basically to offer a self-service platform that will enhance the overall user experience for owners of GOTV decoders.

    Download MyGOtv App:

    The free MyGOtv mobile application is available for download on the Play Store and App Store. With it, customers will be able to upgrade or downgrade their subscription bouquet, pay GOtv bills, and even clear error codes.

    MyGOtv App Manage GOTV Account
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    GOTV Self Service:

    The GOTV customer self-service is a platform that lets customers manage their accounts effectively, and it is available online and through the MyGotv App and USSD Code.

    Features Of GOTV Self Service:

    1. It helps you to pay your GOTV monthly subscription.
    2. It helps you to upgrade and downgrade your GOTV package.
    3. It helps you to clear error codes on your decoder.
    4. It helps users change their GOTV account details.
    5. It aids users in checking their due dates.
    6. Users are able to activate their new decoder via GOTV self-service.
    7. It helps users to check their GOTV account balance.

    GOTV Self Service USSD Code:

    Check out this list of all GOTV customer services USSD codes:

    1. Gotv Ghana USSD Code – *759#
    2. Gotv Zambia USSD Code – *668#
    3. Gotv Uganda USSD Code – *206#
    4. Gotv Mozambique USSD Code – *288#
    5. Gotv Malawi USSD Code – *570#
    6. Gotv Namibia USSD Code – *142*6688*1#
    7. Gotv Kenya USSD Code – *423#

    Reasons Why The MyGOTV App Is Needed:

    1. To Vote During Multichoice-Sponsored Competitions:

    As you already know, Multichoice is known for sponsoring several shows and competitions across Africa. The MyGOTV application will come in handy if you need to vote for your favorite competitors on those shows.

    2. You Can Get Rid Of The Middleman:

    Since we already know how big the GOTV platform is right now, attempting to access customer care officials online and offline to fix problems can be very tiring because of the number of people queueing up for the same service. With the application, however, you can get things done yourself.

    Activate New GOTV Decoder Using MyGOtv App:

    If you just bought your GOTV and you want to activate it asap, here is how your application can help you:

    1. Download the GOTV app and have it installed on your smartphone.
    2. Launch the application.
    3. Head to “New To GOTV?” and tap it.
    4. Type in the following details (country, city, surname, mobile number, IUC number) on the app screen.
    5. Tap “Activate” to wrap up the registration of the new decoder.

    That is that. Your account will be created immediately on the GOTV platform. Also, you’ll have to make a first payment which must correspond to the amount for the package of your choice.

    Make Payment On MyGOtv App:

    If you prefer making cable TV payments with your credit card via the app, here are the instructions to adhere to:

    1. After logging in, head to “Make Payment.”
    2. Select from the available options of funding; in this case, pay with your Verve card.
    3. Type in the following card details- The card serial number (mostly seen on the front panel of your card.)
    4. Type in the last 3 digits of the number seen on the back of your card.
    5. Enter the expiration date of your card.
    6. Type in your ATM PIN.

    After that, tap “Proceed” Remember to select the amount to pay for, which needs to correspond with the bouquet of your choice. As long as you entered the right card information, your account will be debited immediately with the specified amount, and your GOTV decoder will be active again. In fact, your MYGOTV app will save your card details, thereby simplifying future payments.

    Change Your GOtv Package (Upgrade/Downgrade) Via MyGOTV App:

    To make changes to your GOTV package, you simply have to tap “Change Package,” select the new package you want and click on it to effect the change. Your account will be billed immediately for the amount the new package will cost. As you already know, it’ll be an upgrade if you go for a higher package and a downgrade if you choose a lower package.

    If you’re not aware, there are several packages on GOTV, and they all guarantee amazing channels you’ll want to watch daily. The packages are:

    1. GOtv Max.
    2. GOTV Jolli.
    3. GOTV Jinja.
    4. GOTV Lite.
    MyGOtv App Manage GOTV Account
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    GOTV Nigeria Contact Details:

    1. GoTV Nigeria Email-
    2. GOTV Twitter Account-
    3. GoTV Nigeria Customer Care number- 08039044688
    4. GoTV Nigeria Website-
    5. GoTV Facebook Account-
    6. GOTV Contact Address- Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street Victoria Island Lagos State.

    Other Ways To Pay For GOtv Subscription:

    1. QuickTeller
    2. Payarena
    3. Stanbic Mobile
    4. FCMB Bank
    5. PAGA Mobile
    6. Locate your closest GOtv Dealer.

    Find Your Nearest GOTV Dealer:

    To locate a GOTV dealer, adhere to these instructions:

    1. Tap here.
    2. A page that lists several GOTV dealers in various states and major cities will be visible.
    3. Tap on your state from the list or search for your state and city with the search box.
    4. A page will then open, and it’ll reveal all dealers and their contact details for the city or state you selected.

    There you go; if you want to manage your GOTV application and subscription via the MyGOTV app, you now know what to do and how to go about it.


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