Netflix Introduces smart downloads with Smart Downloads

Netflix has introduced the feature called Smart Downloads that helps manage the downloaded TV series – when you stop watching a downloaded episode, it is deleted and the next episode in the series is automatically downloaded.

“Today we are pleased to present Smart Downloads. Now, when you finish watching a downloaded episode, Smart Downloads will delete it and automatically download the next episode. You look, we do the work,” said Cameron Johnson, Director of Product Innovation at Netflix. “We also want to emphasize that giving consumers greater control over their entertainment experience is at the heart of everything we do, and members can choose when they want to use smart downloads.”

Not all content of the service is available for download due to content rights restrictions. The contents produced by Netflix are usually available for automatic download via Smart Downloads.

Smart Downloads is available on Android smartphones and tablets with the latest version from the Netflix app where it is activated only when connected to a Wi-Fi network, so it is not available when using the data plan and does not affect the space of storage of the device, because it always eliminates the last episode watched before downloading the next one. The same functionality should arrive on iOS later this year.

For example, if you download episodes 1 to 3 of the first season of Stranger Things after you finish watching episode 1 of season 1, Smart Downloads deletes episode 1 of season 1 and automatically downloads episode 4.

If you prefer to keep the episodes watched on the Android device you can disable Smart Downloads in one of two ways:

– in the Download section by tapping the Download icon, then selecting Smart Downloads at the top of the My Downloads section.

– in App Settings by tapping the menu icon (three horizontal lines), then scrolling down and selecting App Settings and then the Download item.

If there are problems with the Smart Downloads feature, for example, the next episode is not downloaded, first of all, you need to check that Smart Downloads is activated (you have to touch the Downloads icon and check that Smart Downloads ON is displayed at the top of the page) , or it must be verified that the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network (Smart Downloads works only when Wi-Fi is active), or should be checked if there is another episode of the series (if there are no other episodes of the series on Netflix, there are no others to download).

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