Netflix is ​​more used than cable or satellite TV


Netflix is the streaming service that has conquered users all over the world. Originally created as a service of delivery of DVDs to the domicile, the American company until already produces its own content.

In that sense, it is normal for certain markets to have a huge grip on the service. In its home country, the United States, it has already become the paid subscription of multimedia consumption of choice.

According to the BGR, the number of subscribers to television packages has fallen from 73% to 67% in 2022. However, Netflix has collected a share of 76% of viewers, thus outpacing its competition.

Consumers less and less opt for traditional television packages

Around 2000 people were interviewed in the United States, ages 18 to 60. The conclusion was that the number of subscriptions to cable TV is falling steeply. These subscriptions are replaced by streaming services such as Netflix.

First of all one of the great and obvious advantages of having such a service is the choice of content. Instead of being “hooked” to a fixed schedule grid you can simply choose the series or movie to watch. This factor alone is enough to convince many users to switch platforms.

Of the same questionnaire, about 50% stated that they would cancel the service if there was too much content or insufficient. There are consumers who find platform research confusing and inefficient.

However, these streaming services still have room to improve. There is the famous recommendation function where the platform suggests more content based on usage history. Only 21% of consumers considered this function to suggest relevant content.

In conclusion, it is true that these numbers reflect the North American market. However, we can easily compare this reality with ours here in Portugal. If only we did not have a monopoly of the operators …


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