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Netflix plans to invest in live streaming of stand-ups and reality shows

In the next few years, Netflix plans to start live-streaming a list of stand-up and reality TV shows. According to information from the website Deadline, the platform has confirmed that the project for the new feature is already in the development phase. This means that the public will be able to vote live on competition series and talent contests such as Dance 100 and other streaming original shows.

A Thief Without Limits, Double Switch, and Forrest Gump are some of the titles on the list

Among the other broadcast options is the real estate reality show Selling Sunset. In 2022, Netflix held its first live and in-person comedy festival, called Netflix Is a Joke Fest, which was attended by more than 130 famous comedians in the city of Los Angeles, such as Ali Wong, Bill Burr, Jerry Seinfeld, and John Mulaney.

Deadline further states,  “The move opens up the potential to order a whole new series of unscripted series to use the technology, aligning it with linear networks, which often broadcast live specials for major competition series such as American Idol and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, which is moving to Disney+.”

On the Disney+ service, in February this year, the platform broadcast a live screening of the Oscars. Remembering that the platform has already carried out several launch patterns for programs without a script and social experiments, as is the case of the productions The Circle and Casamento aos Cegas.

The information points out that there is still no timetable and sources warn that it is early for the launch of live streams, but a small group within Netflix is ​​in the preliminary stages of developing the tool.

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