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Odin does not recognise a phone?

Odin does not recognize a phone, if you own a Samsung device, then you are already familiar with a software called ‘Odin’, especially if you are reading this post, not by accident. One of the great things about Samsung devices is the simplicity with which the Roma are installed. If the device is locked or appears to be dead, you can resuscitate it with the help of this software.

It is a computer software that communicates with Samsung Galaxy devices, via a USB cable. But Odin can only be used on a Windows computer. This program is used to install official Samsung firmware.

With Odin you are ready to install files with the .tar.md5 or .tar extension, however, Odin does not recognize the .zip extension. With this software you can install the latest Samsung operating system, a customized recovery, install custom ROMs and you will be able to receive root permissions with CF-Auto-Root.

Sometimes it happens that Odin is unable to detect the Samsung device, so today in this guide, we will share how to solve this problem.

Odin does not recognize a phone

You have not installed the drivers on your PC

This may be the reason for the failure of Odin, if you have not installed the drivers on your PC, then Odin will never recognize your smartphone. It is necessary to install the drivers on the PC or laptop before connecting the device to the PC.

Odin is damaged

If Odin is damaged you will not be able to connect your device to your computer. So it is very important to install Odin correctly on your PC or MAC. You can download Odin from this page.

The USB port is defective

This can be another reason why Odin does not connect to the device, if you have a defective or damaged USB port, then no one can connect the device to Odin, because to connect to Odin you need to connect the device to the PC via a USB cable and if the USB port is damaged, then it is not possible to connect the device to Odin.

So I highly recommend checking the PC’s USB port, connecting any other USB cable to the device, or you can connect the USB cable to another USB port.

Damaged or defective USB cable

This may also be the reason why Odin does not connect to the device, if you use a defective or damaged USB cable, the USB cable is not able to supply power to the mobile device and Odin does not detect it. So I suggest you test / use another USB cable or buy a new one.

Personal notes. From experience, when Odin does not connect to the device it is because we fail to install the drivers.

Let’s make sure we install the right drivers for our device.

Once we’re sure we have the right drivers installed, and Odin still doesn’t recognize our smartphone, then, let’s move on to the remaining tips.

That’s all. We finished.

In this tutorial we saw how to solve the problem, Odin does not recognize the phone.

If you have any doubts or problems let’s talk about it in the comments.

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