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New OS update brings the Face ID feature to the OnePlus 5 Smartphone

OnePlus have rolled out an OS update that confers some amazing features and improvement in functionalities to one of her 2017 flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 5. One of the new feature that the update will be bringing to the OnePlus 5 is the trending “Facial Recognition Unlock” or “Face ID” among others.

OnePlus 5 Face ID update
OnePlus 5 smartphone

When the latest OnePlus flagship, the OnePlus 5T was announced and launched in November 2017, one of the features people eagerly anticipated to try out on the device was the Face ID features. Finally, the device was released, and the Face ID was super impressive. And really really fast. So many hands-on review I’ve watched proved this.

I guess this made some OnePlus 5 users jealous and subsequently snowballed their clamour for the Face ID feature of the OnePlus 5 as well. Lucky for them, the management of the OnePlus brand has listening ears. The co-founders of OnePlus, Carl Pei responded to the increasing demand of the Face ID feature via a tweet on Christmas Eve, promising OnePlus 5 users that they will get feature in their smartphone soon.

Fast forward to six days later (December 30), some users (who were enrolled in OnePlus’ OxygenOS beta program) started receiving an OxygenOS Beta 3 OTA update on their device. And as Carl promised, the update came with the Face ID feature. The OS update is still in the Beta phase. This means OnePlus is still testing out the feature but it shouldn’t be long before the final version of the Oxygen OS is released for general usage.

If you own a OnePlus 5 and you aren’t a member of the OxyegnOS beta program and you can’t wait to try out the Face ID on your smartphone, you can download the ROM (sized about 106MB) and manually flash it. Or better yet, wait for the final update.

Though the update is still in the Beta phase, positive reviews from users who have tested the feature on their OnePlus 5 have started rolling in.

Other features that the OxyegnOS Beta 3 update include; Optimizations for vibrations, Fixed connection issue of 5G Wi-Fi, Android Security patch for December, General bug fixes and improvements, Recorder shortcut on launcher.

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