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OnePlus Wireless Bullets – not anti-AirPods, and maybe that’s better! (Photos and videos)

Today is not just the day of OnePlus 6 but also the new Bullets Wireless earphones. But do not think about the AirPods because they were not their inspiration – OnePlus 6 has indeed the audio jack, and these new accessories are not a sign of a future abandonment, but only serve to offer greater freedom of choice to users. We are talking about a pair of earphones connected by a thread, to wear a bit ‘like a necklace, which connects to your smartphone in a completely wireless means, so as to leave you wide freedom of movement.

The earphones are also “weather resistant“, that is, it can be used in rain, and is equipped with an automatic pause for music, if you hook the two earphones magnetically to one another; the music will resume once released, and in the future you can also answer a call by doing so. However, these functions only appear with OnePlus 5 / 5T and 6, but it is not possible to replicate them elsewhere. In any case, if disconnected from the smartphone, after 5 minutes of inactivity the earphones automatically go to sleep, regardless of the phone used.

You can also have 5 hours of continuous listening with just 10 minutes of power supply (the total usage time when fully charged is about 8 hours, so you’ll understand that even the full charge does not take too long), with any charger you want (the socket is Type-C), since the fast charge is included in the earphones themselves. As with many other headsets, pressing the button at the center of the multimedia controls will initiate the Google Assistant.

On the audio front, Qualcomm aptX technology is used, for better quality via Bluetooth, and the company promises to have taken advantage of the experience gained with the V2 Bullets, without neglecting the quality of the call.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait a while to pair them with your new OnePlus 6, as the Wireless Bullets will only be available from the end of June, at a price of € 69, which is not bad on paper; but we’ll talk about this in the review. For now, you can see few images and videos of the OnePlus Wireless Bullets.

YouTube video

YouTube video

Versatile with great audio, introducing OnePlus Bullets Wireless

OnePlus fast charge, intuitive design, and water resistant for everyday use

With outstanding audio quality, OnePlus has returned to audio accessories with Bluetooth earphones – Bullets Wireless – stylish and lightweight, keeping people connected when it’s needed. Wireless bullets have an intuitive experience, seamlessly pausing and resuming music when the earbuds are magnetically clipped together, while OnePlus has a fast charge of five hours of continuous audio.

“We created our first Bullets Wireless prototype two years ago, but we waited to fully develop them until the technology was available to deliver the best experience to our users,” said OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau. “With great audio range, OnePlus fast charge, and weather resistance, Wireless Bullets are the perfect companion.

Five hours of continuous audio from 10 minutes of charging

Leaving people disconnected and frustrated. OnePlus fast charge gives five hours of continuous playback. Whether it’s racing to get ready for a run, Wireless Bullets are designed to match the peace of life – OnePlus fast charge is again one of the fastest in the industry.

With Bullets Wireless, OnePlus fast charge is fully embedded in the device – no need to use a OnePlus fast charge power brick or cable – any international standard USB-C cable can be used with Wireless Bullets. And when disconnected from your phone, Bullets Wireless will automatically switch off after five minutes of inactivity.

Intuitive design

Lightweight and stylish, Wireless Bullets are milled from aluminum. They can be used for a OnePlus 5 / 5T or 6. Unclipping them will then resume the music, from where it was left. A future update means users will also be able to answer calls by unclipping the earbuds.

Comfortable and durable, Bullets Wireless feature stretch resistant cables and a combination of industrial design and liquid silicone coating means they’re weather resistant for everyday use. So even when the rain pours, the music flows. Wireless Bullets as with interchangeable earbud tips and fins for the perfect fit.

Whatever help needed is always a button away, with Google Assistant integration. Bullet Wireless, and ask Google Assistant for anything.

Outstanding sound quality

Using Qualcomm aptX combined with powerful hardware, Wireless Bullets are tuned to deliver the best possible audio experience. Having set a high standard with the critically acclaimed V2 Bullets, OnePlus took those insights to build Wireless Bullets.

Whether it’s listening to music, or getting the most from the Google Assistant – a high-quality audio across a wide range of frequencies, the OnePlus combined with a large moving coil driver unit of 9.2 mm with Energy Tubes.

Price and availability

As with Bullets V2, Wireless Bullets punch well above their weight, available for just £ 69 / $ 69 / € 69. Wireless Bullets will be available at the end of June on OnePlus.com.

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