Oppo Watch – first smartwatch from Oppo with Wear OS

As you may already know, if you happen to be aware of the ‘leaks’ and ‘teases’ that Oppo itself has done on social networks. The Chinese giant has been busy developing its own Apple Watch clone, the Oppo Watch (Even the name is similar!).

Oppo has already presented its first smartwatch! Make way for Oppo Watch

Therefore, it is undeniable that we are talking about a product very inspired by the current king of the smartwatch market, we are obviously talking about the Apple Watch. In fact, it is also undeniable that this product is basically an imitation of an imitation. That is, Oppo seems to have found quite a joke to all the buzz that Xiaomi’s Mi Watch caused a few months ago, while also being very based on the design of the Apple watch.

That said, here we have a ‘square’ clock with a 3D curved screen. A dark interface to bring the battery’s autonomy to its full potential, a 4.5mm aluminium body, etc … Still, even taking into account all the imitation we have here, it is a watch that looks much better done than the Mi Watch.

After all, the 46mm watch has a 1.91 ”(402 × 473) OLED screen, appearing significantly thinner and more comfortable compared to Xiaomi’s bet.

However, Oppo claims that we have its ColorOS Operating System here. That is, we still have no idea if it is a skin on top of Google’s WearOS, or if it is a proprietary OS based on the ‘normal’ Android. (If it’s the first, we have a big rival here for Mi Watch, if it’s the second… Well… I don’t even know if I want to analyze this.)

In addition to all this, we also support Oppo’s super-fast charging system under its name VOOC. Thus, the watch that should last 40 hours of use on a single charge, also has a ‘simple’ mode that should offer 21 days of autonomy with the notifications on. (Oppo claims that the watch gets enough battery for a day in just 15 minutes. Full charging will take 75 minutes)

The Oppo Watch will be launched first in China at $ 215 on March 24th. There is still no fixed date for a European launch.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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