Ovevo Tango D20 Review, a portable 2 in 1 water-resistant magnetic Bluetooth speakers + Power bank

We all love music or at least most if, so enjoying the best sound is one of life’s most sought-after pleasures, so much that we even pay to listen to our favorite musician, group or band sing, is simply ecstatic. That is why to bring this wonder to our homes we can count on sound equipment, which gives us the first sound but can be very expensive apart from the large space that they cover and therefore loses versatility to move it to where we want, in view of all this was born in need of an answer Music Speaker, excellent sound, easy to move and much cheaper. Ovevo is a great connoisseur of this subject.

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Ovevo is a mark known for producing excellent Bluetooth speakers in past. They have had success with products such as the D10 and D18. They specialize in dual magnetic speakers that provide immersive 360-degree sound with an added functionality of a power bank.

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We have got our hands on their latest capsule-shaped Ovevo Tango D20 Bluetooth speaker, a portable 2 in 1 water-resistant magnetic Bluetooth speakers + Powerbank equipped with a huge 4200mAH battery each and offers an incredible 7 hours of use thanks to the powerful support that its battery offers us. Stay with us to know everything you have to offer us in this in-depth review.

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Ovevo Tango D20 dual Bluetooth Speaker – Box

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The Ovevo Tango D20 Speakers come in a black box with the following dimensions – 10.02 x 10.02 x 28.02 cm and weighs 0.870 kg. Within it we have:

  • 1x Ovevo Tango D20 TWS Magnetic Speakers
  • 1x USB cable (Dual Micro USB)
  • 1x User manual
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Ovevo Tango D20 Construction and Design

The Ovevo Tango D20 dual magnetic speakers have a relatively capsule-like design with nicely curved out edges but it stands out a lot because of the pure black color that it has, making it look extremely harmonious and well-formed. Simply like its predecessors, the Tango D20 speakers can be divided into two separate pieces; the left channel, and the right channel. The drivers are placed on both sides in order to provide an immersive sound. Coming to the build quality, the speaker is sturdy and has a heft to it.

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About 90% of the speakers are made of high-quality metal grills, which is highly resistant to falls and water splash, so if by chance of fate the Speakers should fall to the ground we can be sure that they will survive unless they fall from a fifth floor, where we can only hope for a miracle. The grills on the speakers serve for sound output. These holes are on the 2 sides of the Speaker (back and front), so you will enjoy a more enveloping sound, which we must say sounds quite good and with good bass.

Each of the speakers has dimensions of 94 x 79 x 123 mm (94 x 79 x 246 mm when joined together) and both weigh 1140 g, so it will be very comfortable to move outdoor, we can take it anywhere we want in a very simple way since its design is portable. There is no need for driver or app installation before usage, so it will be a piece of sound equipment always ready to enjoy the best music.


In the lower parts of the speakers when split into two halves have tight magnets that make the speakers stick to any metallic parts; be it to the body of your car, door, drawer, cabinet, etc.

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There are power buttons on the side of each speaker by which you can pause, play, turn on/off, change the language of the speaker, along with a micro USB and USB port on the other side of each speaker. The main selling point of the Ovevo Tango D20 dual magnetic speakers is that both units have their own 4,200mAh each battery, which means you have an 8,400 mAh in total.

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Ovevo Tango D20 Sound Quality

Ovevo speakers are known for their top-notch quality and the same applies to the Ovevo Tango D20. This little practical capsule-shaped device produces enough sound to give tough competition to a large number of portable speakers that are on the market today. It is loud enough to keep everyone in the room in tune with the music, but being noisy is not enough. We hope that a speaker that works through Bluetooth does much more, and we must say that this device has managed to surprise us.

Pairing the Ovevo Tango D20 with your Smartphone is simple, simply select the speaker (D20) in the Bluetooth menu of your phone. On the other hand, the sound output quality is impressive, considering the super-compact size factor of the speaker. Therefore, in addition to its bold output, the speakers are clear and sharp. However, the bass, although quite decent.

Ovevo Tango D20 Battery

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As for the battery life, you could easily get up to 7 hours of music playback on a single charge, which is quite impressive. Having said that, we must clarify that not necessarily that time must be continuous. You can listen for a few hours a dayturn it offand get a few more hours the next day. With a single charge, the speaker will easily be able to run this for almost 4 days.


  • Elegant Design
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Power bank function
  • Good sound quality
  • Language selection


  • Longer charging times
  • Availability in a few countries
  • Available in a single color
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The Ovevo Tango D20 Speaker comes with a great design that will undoubtedly fit perfectly in any part of our home, garden, even at work, since its harmonious and capsule style fits anywhere, but we must emphasize that it is available in one color, black. Apart the same has the ability to synchronize with other devices and play the A2DP format in stereo. Another of its great attractions is its incredible price, which compared to other similar products can exceed its price up to about 2 times, making our protagonist becomes the ideal choice for our pockets.

Where to get Ovevo Tango D20?

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If it has caught your attention, you will be able to get the Ovevo Tango D20 in the Indiegogo online store for only $ 59. Yes, although we can find cheaper speakers online, we recommend buying this one, since, in addition to a simple design that attracts attention because of how elegant it is, it will also give you a great performance at the time of use.

Buy the Ovevo Tango D20 on Indiegogo for $ 59

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