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PES 2017 Guide – Dribbling and Fake (Pc PS4 PS3 Xbox one 360)

If you bought PES 2017 and want to beat your opponents using fake and dribbling, this is the perfect guide for you.

Through this guide for PES 2017, you will learn all the moves and combinations of buttons to perform dribbling and feints for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, which will be useful to humiliate opponents and pass defense without great difficulty, staging a real show.

Important: 1) some feints can only be performed if the player you try to make them has special abilities. 2) deactivate the “Automatic false” option to perform these faults.

The complete list of  fakes and dribbling featured in the video guide below are:

  1. Step Over
  2. Reverse Step Over
  3. Multiple Step Over (skill request 01)
  4. Fake body
  5. Pretend to shoot
  6. Cut Behind (skill request 05)
  7. Scissor Feint (skill requirement 01)
  8. Roulette
  9. Spin
  10. Double touch
  11. Double internal touch
  12. Double internal touch behind
  13. Draw and open
  14. Draw and close
  15. Inside bounce (skill request 06)
  16. Drag Back Dummy
  17. Heel flick
  18. Raise the ball
  19. Flip Flap
  20. Reverse flip flap
  21. Ronaldo Chop
  22. Scoop turn
  23. Rainbow
  24. Elastic (skill request 02)
  25. Diagonal elastic
  26. Hocus Pocus
  27. Mcgeady spin (skill request 03)
  28. Flick up
  29. Sombrero
  30. Sombrero heel flick (skill request 04)
  31. Bergcamp flick (skill request 04)
  32. Dribble
  33. Rabona (skill requirement 07)
  34. Run around
  35. Okocha sombrero flick
  36. Fake with the foot
  37. Shot fendato from still
  38. Move the ball away to shoot
  39. Let the ball flow between the legs
  40. Dummy burst
  41. Tuffo (simulates a foul)

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