Pixel 6 Will Come with Custom Google Whitechapel SoC

Google Inside Report 640x320
Google Inside Report 640x320

Google may soon dump Qualcomm for the more powerful operating system. The company is planning on adopting a custom Google SoC-powered Pixel soon. 9to5Google reported that the Pixel 6 may ship with Google’s custom ‘Whitechapel’ SoC instead of a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip.

Google refers to this new chip as GS101 with the GS meaning something like Google Silicon. The chips are going to be shared across the two Google devices that are now in development.

Custom Pixel 6 Chipset
Custom Pixel 6 Chipset

This Pixel 6 is something like a Pixel 5a 5G, and 9to5Google said it has reviewed documentation that points to Samsung’s SLSI division being involved in the development of Pixel 6. The chip is expected to have some common traits with Samsung Exynos, including software components.

The SoC will feature a 3 cluster setup with a Tensor Processing Unit (TPU). This is one feature that will make the next phone from Google a dauntless-equipped phone that will have an integrated Titan M security chip, code-named Citadel.

It may work somehow like Snapdragon 888, which has three CPU core sizes; a single large ARM X1 core for big single-threaded workloads, three medium Cortex A78 cores for multicore work, and four Cortex A55 cores for background work.

This SoC, the Whitechapel, will be Google’s first in-house smartphone SoC. It seems that through it, the company hopes to take on Apple. It may be a very daunting task for Google that stands as an advertising company. Apple is a hardware company, and is a champion in the game, seeing that iPhone is its biggest product.

But if Google succeeds with Whitechapel, it will give the company more control over its smartphone hardware. In the past, Google’s hardware has not been outstanding. However, here is a chance for the company to do it again and surprise the world.


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