Players Get Glimpse of Fall Guys – Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

Creators of Fall Guys- Ultimate Knockout had promised players they would see the foreglimpse of the game before it is fully released. With the game release set for next week, players can now see it in all its glory. As promised, the new theme comes with a touch of winter, bringing along new levels and new skins.

Earlier in December, the game developers released teasers of season three on their Twitter account, and there they promised to give full details of the game during The Game Awards, while also releasing a proper trailer.

As of now, interested individuals can stream the season three trailer online on YouTube.
It is fun to see the lovely pill-shaped characters in the game helping us to visualize what their winter looks and feel like. Players have to wait till December 15 to see what this will really look like.

Intro 1597161479
Intro Fall Guys- Ultimate Knockout

There will also be additions, such as a penguin, snowman, walrus, and more. Season three will host more than 30 skins.

Another seven levels will accompany the new skins. These are said to be as difficult as the other characters that players are used to. The developer offers new insight during the trailer as to how difficult these characters could be and there are some new obstacles that players will be presented with as seen in the new trailer.

Players are as usual expected to spend their coins to unlock new skins. More than that, they will have access to new sets of emoticons to unlock.
Players who have been acquainted with the game and find that they can’t wait till next week can head over to IGN for an exclusive reveal.

If you’re a diehard fan who wants to know what awaits and aren’t worried about spoilers, head over to IGN to check out an exclusive reveal of one of the upcoming levels.


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