Possible color variants of OnePlus Nord spotted in the second episode of its documentary

Over the past few weeks, OnePlus has been teasing its latest upcoming phone, the OnePlus Nord even more. The company even made an announcement that it plans to release a 4-part documentary series talking about how the phone was made. Yesterday, the company posted the second episode of the series on IGTV, and from the video, we got to see all the color variants of the phone.

According to Android Authority, they spotted the possible four color variants of the upcoming OnePlus Nord on the latest episode of the OnePlus documentary titled “New Beginnings Episode 2” starting at 8:40.

OnePlus Nord
OnePlus Nord

From the video, we can see the four-color variants including Black, Gray (the company already shared it), Blue (looks like the OnePlus logo for Nord), and Green which looks just like the Glacial Green variant of the OnePlus 8. That part of the video, however, is blurred so as to not reveal the entire rear design of the OnePlus Nord.

It is possible this won’t be the available color variants when the phone is launched as brands usually look for a number of options before making the final choice. Even when the OnePlus 6 was launched, the company revealed many different color variants but ended up releasing only a few.

This may not be the case with the OnePlus Nord, however. This just might be the final color choice from the company. We’ll have to wait and see.

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