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PrimeOS wants to convince you to use Android on your old PC

An open platform like Android has the advantage that almost anyone, with enough knowledge and time, can modify it and put it in any device imaginable. PrimeOS wants to offer the best Android experience on the desktop.

PrimeOS wants to be the best Android for PC

Android has long been running on devices equipped with x86 chips, especially on Intel, but it has not been really easy to install for anyone. That’s what the Android x86 project has been trying to do, and a newer project called PrimeOS is being built on top of that philosophy to provide a better desktop experience for PCs, especially those with slightly older hardware.

Android x86 already provides a version of the operating system that can write to a USB and install on any old x86 / x64 PC, as long as you know how to do it. However, this version is kept as close as possible to AOSP, so it does not make many changes in the user experience to make it more desktop friendly .

PrimeOS takes things a little further and stays close to the pure Android experience. To be specific, just add features you consider necessary to provide a true desktop experience. Things like a start menu and a taskbar and multiple networks with the buttons to minimize, maximize and close. It is even compatible with most known keyboard shortcuts, such as Alt + Tab, Alt + F4, Win + D, etc. And for applications that you do not want to start in window mode, there are also settings for them.

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PrimeOS also includes some features for Android games in desktop mode, which includes key mapping, there are even predefined assignments for popular Android games like PUBG. Of course, the performance may vary depending on the hardware of your PC. PrimeOS is still in beta and is available for free, although the developer does not mention if it will become a paid product later.

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