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Professional PC Gaming hacks and cheats for hardcore gamers

Gaming Hacks
Gaming Hacks

There is a clear line between legal and illegal PC hacks. Most expert players use the tools at their disposal to differentiate themselves from the competition, but always without falling into traps, since that leads to bans and public ridicule.

One of the first questions many people ask about video game hacks is whether it is legal to use, own, create or sell them. Yes, because hacks and cheats have long been a software with which hackers profit, it is no longer for the love of art.

Therefore, if we focus this issue on the legality of software of this type, it would be necessary to review the laws of each country, this being a fairly unregulated issue and less within mere electronic entertainment (we are not talking about eSports competitions).

In that sense, South Korea is the only country that we know of that has enacted specific laws on game piracy and has officially prohibited the distribution of game hacks, due to the fact that this nation has a great and long tradition of esports, where moves a lot of money.

There is no jurisprudence in this regard, so we cannot clarify much on this matter, what we can tell you is that aimbots or wallhacks, to name a few, are highly persecuted in online games, so it is possible that if you use them they end up closing your account.

So, this report is not to talk about those kinds of hacks or cheats that are despicable and ruin the experience of noble players who go to battle with their skill and training as their only weapon. They are gentlemen, while the hackers are the villains.

Professional PC Gaming hacks and cheats for hardcore gamers

Change screen brightness

This is one of the oldest tricks in the gamer sector, and carrying it out is very simple. We just have to go to the screen menu, select the brightness option, and turn it up to 100. Why do this? To see everything better.

Although this measure can ruin the experience in the most artistic video games when we are competing against dozens of players it can be a differentiating element.

Pc Gaming Screen Brightness Hack
Pc Gaming Screen Brightness Hack

By raising the brightness, what we are going to achieve is that all the dark areas of the screen stop being dark, to light up as if there were powerful LED bulbs. Thanks to this, all those enemies that are hidden in dark rooms or areas without lighting look much better.

In competitive video games, it is very normal for campers (that is what they are called) to be strategically placed in areas of the map that are not well lit, in order to take advantage of this visual advantage. They see the outside well and we don’t see them well.

The way to eliminate this little trap is by turning up the brightness in our screen menu, to 100%. Just that. And, when we finish playing, we just have to leave it as it was and continue enjoying your screen as always (better always low brightness on a daily basis so as not to irritate the eyes).

Activate the peephole on the screen

Not all screens have it, but if we have a gaming monitor in our possession (which is usual if you are reading this article), know that your screen has an option unknown to many and very useful for a lot of games.

This feature is a large peephole that puts the software on the screen (it is not a matter of our computer) that helps the user to always have the center of the screen located. And, therefore, the point at which our weapon points.

Monitor Peephole
Monitor Peephole

This is especially useful for those hardcore games that don’t have a peephole. Yes, they are more common than you think. Certain titles of maximum difficulty eliminate the peephole by default so that we do not know where our weapon is pointing, that being where our monitor can get us out of trouble.

Although it may be considered unfair from the outside, using the peephole of the screen software is a completely legal aid and beyond suspicion by the community. It is more of a help than a cheat, hence you can use it freely. It can save your life on more than one occasion.

Play in low graphic quality

As old as turning the screen brightness up, turning the graphics all the way down has helped pro gamers since Starcraft became the hot game in eSports competitions (that is, 20 years ago).

When we lower the graphic quality from High to Low we are achieving two effects: The first is that all the vegetation and graphic accessories that make the game a more detailed, more beautiful and more realistic title are greatly diminished. This is so because they suck up a lot of graphic resources.

Low Graphic Game Quality
Low Graphic Game Quality

In this way, the player gets out of the way all kinds of plants, bushes and vegetation that make it so difficult for the enemy to see. In games like PUBG and Call of Duty where the maps are huge and the vegetation thick, this trick allows you to see the enemies long before they see you.

And, the second effect is that our graphics are loosen, so we can play more images per second, which gives games greater smoothness and sharpness. This avoids FPS drops and lags, so annoying in competitive games.

So lowering the graphic quality to a minimum is a winning bet, from every sense. Of course, keep in mind that this trick is used by practically all eSports players, so do not think that it is something unknown to professionals. It is almost an obligation for them.

Software to change display parameters

I have left this point for the end because it is, without a doubt, the most complex and interesting. If we know how to use it well, the gaming experience can be totally different. For good, obviously.

Programs dedicated to screen calibration have arrived in the PC world for a long time. With these programs, users could tweak color options, saturation, sharpness, brightness, and other parameters to their liking.

Reshade Coclor Tweak
Reshade Coclor Tweak

This customization is much faster and more effective than what we can do from the monitor menu since it allows us to save our own and perfect settings for each game at the click of a button (we all know how uncomfortable it is to navigate through the screen menu).

The best known software in this field is ReShade, which calls itself a program created mainly by the user crosire in Open Source. Its definition is that of: generic post-processing injector for video games and other video programs.

This program allows players to completely change the graphics of a game: blur, anti-aliasing, more draw distance, change the saturation of colors, customize sharpness and brightness…

Although we do not want to download this program, we can also use the tool provided by the GeForce Experience program for all those who have an NVIDIA graphics card. After all, it is a kind of ReShade authorized by the green company that is very easy to use.

In the case of NVIDIA, using it is as simple as pressing ALT + Z with the game open and a series of options opens on it right away. You just have to click and see the effect immediately. In addition, it allows up to superimpose three different filters. The Clarity filter is best for shooting games.

With these programs, the difference when playing is brutal. From seeing dark maps where you can barely see anything, to seeing clearly as if a powerful sun were lighting up the stage. It’s not ideal if we want to respect the creator’s vision, but it’s perfect for spotting hidden enemies.

After these four tips/tricks you have been able to verify that everything we offer you are options at your fingertips, simple to put into practice and, above all, legal. So putting them into practice will not mean a ban for life in Battlefield, COD or Fortnite.

Also note that they are all free, including the software to customize the parameters of the screen, so right now you can try on your computer which of all the tricks is most useful to you. Although remember that they are all compatible with each other, so you can use them all.