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Security for our smartphone is a major concern. Even before the rise of smartphones, desktops needed security treatment. Security apps do more than just antivirus, they provide call blockers, anti-theft protection, VPN modes, app locks, file lock, and other features to enhance security. With the increasing attacks on smart devices, you need functionalities to protect your device and that’s where these security apps come into play. Here you find five of those apps…

Best Security Apps for Android

1. Security Master

In a time when there’s so much threat to devices security, it is now necessary to have a security app on your smart device and Security Master is one of the apps that can serve you this need.  Security Master works well in ensuring total maintenance and welfare of your phone.

You get different kinds of locks for protecting different aspects of your Android device. There’s a file lock, app lock, a password manager that works to give you message protection to secure privacy. The app makes sure your device is not overused which is an interesting feature coupled with the fact that our smartphones are often over-utilized.

There’s a VPN tool and it provides security for your WiFi network in real-time. The Anti-theft facility in the app gets your phone safe from thieves and it has an alarm to scare them away. Other great features of the app are file cleaning, junk management, and battery-saving functions.


2. AppLock by DoMobile Lab

AppLock by DoMobile does exactly what the name suggests. It is a great app for keeping your files, folders and apps under lock and key, in this case, a password lock.

Your photos, videos, apps, files and other things you want secret can be kept safe and secret with the help of this app. That does not mean it can’t be penetrated, but it will take a workaround by a tech-savvy person. But if you want to keep prying eyes from your personal stuff, then, it’s worth trying out.

The app is free but has ads and using it free does not unlock all features. You have to donate to have full features experience.


3. Avast Mobile Security

If you desire protection against malware and want safe browsing, you may consider Avast Mobile Security. It is one of the best antivirus apps to protect against viruses and many other threats.

Many people trust Avast to provide protection on their device including desktop users. Whenever there is a threat present like spyware, adware in an attempt to violate your privacy, Avast alerts you. To protect yourself from the increasing detection rate of malware, choose Avast.


4. Clean Master

Clean Master does many things and it is an all in one solution for security issues. It is designed with a beautiful UI and there are facilities in place to ensure a faster and secured device.

For a faster system, Clean Master has Junk cleaner or Junk file cleaner to clear junks. Still on smoothness in operation, there’s a one-click boosting and battery saving feature to make phone usage more pleasurable.

To guard against malware and other viruses, you can utilize the smart scanner that scans and clean viruses thus offering decent protection. Other features Clean Master packs are game boosting functionality, intelligent charging options, and AppLock functionalities.


5. Bouncer

Bouncer is a recent addition to security apps. It works on permissions by managing them. The app grants temporary permissions to apps so that they don’t access these permissions all the time. That is, Bouncer controls how apps on your phone making use of permissions. Let’s use Instagram for example. You may not want Instagram to always use your location, so what Bouncer does is to ask you if you want it temporarily, and then the permission is automatically removed for you later. This way, you’ll feel safer with some of these prying apps on your phone.



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