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PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode is more difficult, learn to reach the end

If you play PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode you have certainly noticed that small updates made the game much more complicated to avoid the zombies.

If at some point it was possible to hide in the corners of a house roof or climb to the top of the roof to avoid the zombies that spit acid, at this moment it is no longer possible.

The game has become more complex and much more complicated for users to reach the final. The two (at least) rounds of zombies will give out all your ammunition and life kits. So make sure you follow these steps to get as far as possible.

PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode is way more complicated!

The team is more important now. If until now you could still get away with a rooftop where the zombies did not arrive, now the story is different. I learned from playing this week that without a good team you will not go far. Communicate with your colleagues and follow the instructions.

It goes up to a house if it is necessary, however, only two elements. The other two are under the house running “as if there was no tomorrow”. The function of the running staff is to attract the zombies that are born and focus on the team on the roof. As you run past them, the zombies will follow you.

The team on the roof just needs to aim and kill as many zombies as possible. It is important that there is as much communication as possible. Important also be facing different sides.

If it’s not too much anyway?

It arrives at a certain point that even the tactic I gave you above does not serve. Either the amount of zombies is too much, or your life does not allow you to spend more time on the roof.

Run…. But run without fear! It constantly walks to the “S’s” but with a large gap between the curves. Whenever you see a tree, circle the tree and move on. That is, imagine that the tree is a rotunda. Get out of the way ahead, but go around 50% of the tree. You’ll see that some of the zombies behind you will be trapped for a few seconds. And seconds are accurate.

Always points to the head

No matter what the Zombie is, always aim for the head and you will spare ammunition until you say it arrives. The ammunition is gold in PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode. That is, it never hurts. Abandon grenades of smoke or grenade for more ammunition.

In the end, do not miss it!

In short, when you reach the final you just need to make sure you do not fail. Remember that whoever came there is so good, or better, than you! They will not give a truce. With patience but efficiency.

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