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Qualcomm Announces First 5G Low-end SoC

The company known for one of the best System on Chips (SoC) out there has announced a low-end SoC for 5G phones – a Snapdragon 480. Qualcomm is taking a big step toward making this product a widespread adoption for 5G phones. The company makes good a promise that it would soon be releasing a Snapdragon 400-series design with 5G compatibility.

This is good for those who may not be able to purchase expensive 5G phones. This SoC is intended to bring connectivity standard to the lowest cost devices on the market. Experts say this SoC could be used in smartphones selling in the range of $250.

Right now, it is said that the new Snapdragon 480 is extremely impressive due to the 5G feature and because it is a major performance upgrade in many regards, including the use of double Cortex-A76 cores as its main performance CPUs. It is also intended to boost the performance of any low-cost devices on the market.

480 Soc
480 Soc

Spectacularly, it ditches the older Cortex-A76 cores and runs at 2.0GHz. Good speed indeed. The jump from Cortex-A73 to A76 is seen as a major accomplishment that will bring significant user experience benefits for new devices using this Snapdragon 480. This SoC is a 2+6 CPU design, as opposed to the 4+4 setup of the previous one.

In a way, we can compare the CPU configuration of the latest Snapdragon to the configuration found on the Snapdragon 675. That tells us just how worthy the Snapdragon 480 is. Qualcomm promises 100 percent increased performance over its predecessor in the Snapdragon 480.

On the memory side, it is a bit low at 2x16b LPDDR4X SoC but there is a slight boost in frequencies to 2138MHZ. AI performance is said to be increased up to 70 percent.

Qualcomm announced that its partner vendors include HMD Global, OPPO, and Vivo. The first devices to make use of the Snapdragon 480 will be announced later in the month.

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