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Quick Tips to Find a Lost or Stolen Google Pixel 2

Most of us have experienced this at some point – a lost or stolen phone. This can turn out to be a huge inconvenience, especially when the phone is a higher-end phone.


There are many ways you can use to find a lost or stolen Google Pixel 2. In the Pixel 2, Google includes a feature known as Android Device Manager which is quite similar to Find My iPhone. When this feature it setup properly, you can use it to find your lost or stolen Pixel 2 in no time. In some other devices, the feature is called “Find My Android.”

Whether your lost iPhone is across the room or across the country, these tips below should help you track it down.

Quick Tips to Find a Lost or Stolen Google Pixel 2

There are a few things that need to be taken care of to make it possible to track down your Pixel 2.

Tools for locating, accessing and securing your Pixel 2 remotely, like Android Device Manager and/or Lookout are essential for finding your missing device.

Apps like AirDroid lets you access your Pixel 2 remotely to retrieve files, access the camera and SMS messaging and also activate the speaker.

Use Loud Ring Mode To Find Pixel 2

If you lose your device around the house a lot, you should leave it in loud ring mode. With this, you can easily text or call your Pixel 2 and listen for the ringtone. You also have other options to lock or wipe your device remotely, in case you have some sensitive data on your device. To see these options, you need to set up Android Device Manager from the Google Play Store.

Using Lookout

If you are unable to use Android Device Manager for one reason or another, you can use Lookout instead. Lookout is a good alternative and it has similar features with Android Device Manager with a bit more added security.

Using Android Device Manager to find your lost or stolen Pixel 2 is easy. You just need to access your Device Manager page and track your device. This process involves using GPS, so make sure to leave location services turned off for any device you are tracking.

Now, the GPS locate button will show you where your device is on a map. It is important to note that Google has warned users never to recover a stolen phone yourself but to contact the police for assistance. This process also requires a WiFi or data connection, so leaving those services enabled is important anytime it might be possible for your device to be lost or stolen.

Using Android Device Manager To Find Pixel 2

Since Android Device Manager was introduced in 2013, Google has worked to install it on all eligible devices to help reduce the inconvenience of having a phone lost or stolen. There are many phones which come with this software out of the box. However, it is important that you double check that it is installed and set up correctly.

To set it up on your Pixel 2 follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Settings app on your Pixel 2.
  2. Next, tap on “Security and Screen Lock” and then tap on “Device Administrators.”
  3. Here you can easily set up Android Device Manager. The process might be different on other Android devices and software versions but look for general similarities if you happen to get stuck. Just make sure you toggle on the switch for Android Device Manager.

Wrapping Up?

So do you have any questions or feedback? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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