Realme Smart TV 4K 43″ – Budget Comprehensive TV Powered By Android 10

Here is a smart TV that comes at a reasonable price and that has more praise because it is budget that boasts many good features for the price it comes with.

Instead of skipping vital features, it meets almost everyone’s expectations of what a smart TV should be like.

Overview of Realme Smart TV 4K 43″

Some things stand out for the Realme Smart TV under review. First, it is powered by the Android 10 operating system. That means speed and excellence for the user. It has free access to all apps and services supported by Google for smart televisions.

It means that you can enjoy the content available on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and others. Incorporate your smartphone by making use of Chromecast. Even your computer, or tablet can also be incorporated. However, in these aspects, the Realme Smart TV 4K has an advantage over others like it in the sense that it has niche features and wide connectivity options including I/O ports availability.

The Smart device also comes with far-field microphones. That is something that most smart TVs don’t possess at the present time. The far-field microphone is much useful when you want to make use of Google Assistant. Of course, that’s one thing needed to make the TV operate fully.

Realme Smart Tv 4k 43 Picture Mode
Realme Smart Tv 4k 43″ Picture Mode


  • Good HDR and Dolby vision performance
  • Good SDR performance
  • Far-field microphone
  • Sleek remote control


  • Low volume not sounding nice
  • Tabletop feet seem too wide
  • Low-quality brightness from the display

Realme Smart TV 4K 43″ Specs

  • Panel size: 43 inches
  • Panel resolution: 3840×2160 – 4K
  • Panel refresh rate: 60 Hz
  • Weight: 6.5 kgs
  • HDMI Ports: 3
  • USB Ports: 2
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Speakers: 24W
  • Built-In Storage: 16GB

Realme Smart TV 4K 43″ Display

The smart TV arrives with a 4k panel, and that also is supported by HDR 10. The Dolby Vision is good enough. You may not enjoy the peak brightness of 280 nits because that’s somehow low to HDR content. Though the quality is not that high, it is not a disappointing quality. In most cases, all of us will not make use of pitch brightness from any TV, whether smart or not. For most people. The level of brightness is good enough, whereas, some buyers may never contemplate using the brightest display because of the damage that can affect the eyes. In this case, the 400 nits are good.

When you watch movies with this TV you have lesser issues with dark and bright displays because the manufacturer has made it possible for the viewer to have both the dark looking not too dark, and the bright-looking not too bright.

Gaming on Realme Smart TV 4K 43″

Realme Smart Tv 4k 43 Games
Realme Smart Tv 4k 43″ Games

In the Realme Smart TV 4K 43″, the picture presets have no default game mode but there a setting for that in the TV settings. Unless you really know how to tweak that, it may be just a little different. The game mode may switch off all picture processing on the TV and it also reduces the input lag.

Some find that keeping the backlighting at 100 while other settings such as Brightness, Contrast and Saturation between 50 and 55 makes sense for some popular games, like Dirt 5, Spider-Man Miles Morales, and Retumal.


The Realme Smart TV 4K 43 (the 43 in the name refers to the screen size) is a good product. The only caveat is the low volume. Do your best to raise the audio to a minimum to enjoy a good sound each time you switch it on. For most other areas, the TV is a good product for the home or office.

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