Rubik’s Connected Cube – Enjoy Gaming With Friends All Over The World

This cube makes it easier for people to prove themselves very fast at solving a challenge. For those who want to be told how to get theirs in place, Rubik’s Cube it is. The gadget itself isn’t new, but it is a novel item to people who use it for the first time.

Description of Rubik’s Connected Cube

Connected Cub has 2.25-inch width, depth, and height. That’s what it takes to be a standard Rubik’s Connected Cube. The stickers on each side remain the same, though the manufacturer made tweaks to the design because of its high usage level.

The middle row, column, and centre of each side come with rounded internal edges, making it easier to perform a repeated twist after a first attempt. You could try the connected version in an offline operation without the app.

What’s the Rubik’s Connected Cube About?

It is about solving puzzles. Challenges are a part of life, and this cube is one big fascination when it comes to connecting puzzles. It’s been around since the 1970s, and people still enjoy it today.

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Because it is so difficult to decipher that it became TV shorthand for any highly intelligent or geeky character over the years. From the old ways, this cube has come a long way in incorporating apps for solving the cubes, and there are now computer robots that can solve the cube within seconds.

Rubik’s Connected Cube is a speed cube that uses Rubik’s traditional styling, colourful stickers on black plastic. These days, it comes with some tweaks.

Use Rubik’s Connected Cube with Your Phone

You can connect the cube with your iPhone or iPad. That’s interesting, for when paired, the app can guess or determine the position of the pieces of the cube, mirroring them on the Apple device.

Curved Inner Corners of the Cube

The corners serve a very important purpose. They make it easier to twist the cube. When the sides are rotated, the app version of the cube updates to match. Connecting to the app presents a number of benefits. But more than that, it presents opportunities and education on how to solve the puzzles. Timing is also key here, and the app can also tell users how long it will take to solve and what moves will really help in quickly accomplishing that purpose.

Rubik’s Connected Cube Charging Point

The X on the centre of the yellow square is the charging point. Use it as a mounting point for a clip-on charger. There’s a battery inside which can power the electronics. It is easy for one to forget that because the Rubik’s Connected Cube is extremely lightweight.

rubik’s connected cube


  • Increases memorization skills & problem-solving skills
  • Play with friends worldwide
  • Easy to connect


  • The product contains magnets that must not be swallowed

The Price

It sells for $59.95 on Amazon.

Enjoy Gaming with Friends Around the Globe!

Players can take on other players in different challenges. Though some see this as a child’s gaming product, even adults love it. There are reports of this Rubik’s Connected Cube keeping families together on the weekends. So, enjoy your game anywhere you are with family and friends.