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Samsung creates ‘smart clothes’ to help athletes at the Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics will have an extra boost of technology. Samsung has just announced that it will support the Dutch Speed ​​Skating team by equipping them with smart clothing that will enhance their performance during the races. This is called SmartSuit; the cloth has five sensors that can calculate if the athletes are in the ideal position to obtain the best possible performance during the practice of the sport.

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Statistical information is sent directly to the trainer’s smartphone, which, with the touch of a button, can send a vibrating alert that impacts on clothing, advising the athlete to lean less or more. The costumes will be used by the duo Sjinkie Knegt and Suzanne Schulting, with the guidance of coach Jeroen Otten (who assisted the South Korean manufacturer in developing the novelty).

Samsung has always been involved in the Winter Olympics as a general sponsor and provider of connectivity solutions; however, this is the first time the brand has become so deeply involved in the competition. It is worth remembering that the event will take place in PyeongChang, South Korea, between February 9 and 25.

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