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Samsung Galaxy A20e – preview the images of the new smartphone

The alleged images of the new Galaxy A20e smartphone coming up in the coming weeks emerge. In the photos, the device is enclosed inside a transparent cover, which consequently does not conceal the features of the body design.

Galaxy A20e should be an economic variant of the Galaxy A20 announced this week, but at the moment it is not known, however, what features Samsung has given up to contain the price.

samsung galaxy a20e

Samsung Galaxy A20e – a less powerful battery for a more compact body

The Galaxy A20e is one of the new smartphones of the Galaxy A 2019 range expected by Samsung soon, so much so that the product support page has already been published on the official website. We do not yet know in detail what the technical specifications of the Galaxy A20e are, nor what the differences are compared to the Galaxy A20.

samsung galaxy a20e

It is very likely that the Galaxy A20e is characterized in any case by a compact and lightweight body, considering that the rumors of these hours give for certain the presence of a battery with a capacity of about 3.000mAh (with product code EB-BA202ABU ). 

Particularly unusual, the battery of the Galaxy A20e would be the least performing of those present on recent smartphones of the same range, specifically of Galaxy A10Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50

More smartphones are expected in the Galaxy A range, in the coming weeks to be announced will in fact also be the Galaxy A40, Galaxy A60, Galaxy A70, and Galaxy A90.

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