Samsung Galaxy M51 vs Samsung Galaxy M31 – What are the differences

Are you thinking of buying a new mobile phone? Doubts between Samsung Galaxy M31 and Samsung Galaxy M51? Don’t worry, in this comparison, we will analyze their main differences so that you no longer have any doubts. Keep reading!

First impression- what’s your design?

In terms of size, the Samsung Galaxy M51 has a slightly larger format with 163 x 78 x 8.5mm and 213g compared to the Samsung Galaxy M31 which has 159.2 x 75.1 x 8.9mm and 191g.

The two Smartphones place the front camera in the center, although the Samsung Galaxy M51 includes a hole and the Samsung Galaxy M31 a teardrop-shaped notch. In the rear part, both vertically position the form of the picture room on the left side.

Both have a fingerprint reader to unlock the device, the Samsung Galaxy M31 on the back, and the Samsung Galaxy M51 on the side.

Technical Issues – Samsung Galaxy M31 vs Samsung Galaxy M51

The technical aspects are what really differentiate one model from another, so we will describe them more comprehensively.

Which processor does each cellphone have?

The Samsung Galaxy M51 is a more efficient processor designed by the American company Qualcomm, specifically the Snapdragon 730G, in contrast to the Samsung Galaxy M31 which incorporates the Exynos 9611.

As for the operating system, they both use the Android 10 operating system and have 4G connectivity.

What about RAM? And with the internal memory?

First of all, the two devices are powered by the same RAM with 6GB of capacity. However, the more powerful processor of the Samsung Galaxy M51 causes the RAM memory to be handled more efficiently.

Secondly, the Samsung Galaxy M31 features a 64GB ROM and the Samsung Galaxy M51 128GB. As a result, the latter offers greater internal storage capacity. However, they both give the opportunity to integrate a MicroSD card to expand the internal storage up to 512GB.

How is the image quality on the screen?

The Samsung Galaxy M51 has a larger 6.7-inch screen, compared to the 6.4-inch Galaxy M31. On the other hand, both include Super AMOLED technology and improve visibility, color contrast, and brightness.

And the photographic attitude?

One of the strengths of the two smartphones is in the rear cameras. Specifically, there are 4 cameras:

  • Main– 64 MP
  • Wide-angle– 8 MP
  • Depth– 5 MP
  • Macro– 5 MP

In addition, the front camera integrates the same 32 MP resolution in both devices.

How much energy do they offer?

Both smartphones have long-lasting batteries, but the Samsung Galaxy M51 wins, with 7000mAh, unlike the Samsung Galaxy M31 which has a capacity of 6000mAh. Both incorporate a fast charging mechanism, the first with a power of 25W and the second with 15W.

Which smartphone is the best price?

The Samsung Galaxy M31 is a cheaper model that usually does not reach 300 euros. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy M51 has more complete features that increase its cost, but you can find it for less than 400 euros.

Conclusion- which mobile is better? Samsung Galaxy M31 or Samsung Galaxy M51?

After detailed the features of the two models, we came to the conclusion that the Samsung Galaxy M51 is better in some respects. However, they share some advantages such as RAM capacity, image quality, or photographic capacity.

The Samsung Galaxy M51 offers better performance thanks to its processor version and good RAM memory management, as well as greater internal storage capacity. In addition, it highlights the long-lasting battery and fast charging of 25 W. Also, if you like large mobiles, its dimensions are larger than the M31 (6.7 inches> 6.4 inches).

In short, if you need a smartphone with superior functionality, the Samsung Galaxy M51 is a pretty optimal option. However, the Samsung Galaxy M31 fares well by offering several advanced features.

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