8 Features Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 You Won’t Find On iPhone

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Design
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Design

It was only a few days before the announcement of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8, which clearly took all precautions to avoid falling into the problems of Galaxy Note 7 that led to the withdrawal of the phone from the market and stopped manufacturing. It is clear that the new Samsung Note 8 comes with many new features that outperform its strong competitor for iPhone after the failed experience of Note 7, which is turning a lot of users of Samsung to port to iPhone.


Samsung launched this new version of its phones trying to restore its users by seeking to attract iPhone users to these features that will not be found by users of the iPhone on their phones. This great temptation that Samsung is attempting to attract more customers has already happened, especially with comparison lovers, a simple comparison shows several features enjoyed by Note 8.

8 Amazing Features Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

So in this article, we will talk about the pros of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with a focus on the reasons why it is better than any of the iPhone that is on the market now and makes the later users think of the acquisition of the new device from Samsung.

1Dual camera

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2Amazing screen

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3The pen

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4Fast Wireless Charging


5Expandable internal memory

note8ed 580x358

6Fingerprint Sensor

galaxy note 8 geskin 2 768x457

7DeX Station

DeX Station For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

8Always on Display

galaxy s7 always on display


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