Samsung Galaxy Note 9 does not turn on

samsung galaxy note 9 n 1068x550
samsung galaxy note 9 n 1068x550

When a high-end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 turns itself off and no longer turns on, the problem could be very serious or even live depending on how the problem occurred. If the device has suffered physical or liquid damage then it is serious there is little you can do about it.

Any problem that may have been caused by some hardware components should be handled by a technician… Samsung, especially if the device is still under warranty.

However, if the problem occurs without an apparent reason or cause, then you may be able to solve it by yourself and this is exactly the purpose of this post.

Here, I will share with you the solutions we can use to tackle problems like this. So, if you are one of the owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and are currently facing a similar problem, read on because this article may be able to help you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 does not turn on… let’s start!

It is normal for owners to think that their black-screen and non-touch-responsive phones have a hardware problem, but most of the time the problem is actually just a minor firmware problem. Having said that, you can solve it yourself without the help of a technician and you may need only a couple of procedures to get your device to respond and work again. Here are the things you can do…

First solution- perform a forced restart – Soft reset

In reality, it is just a normal restart, but it is more effective especially in the event of a firmware crash. And yes, this problem could only be the result of a firmware crash that occurs every so often. Its frequency depends on how many and how heavy your apps are, but sometimes it happens even if the phone is not used at all.

To perform this procedure, simply press and hold both the volume button and the power buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. Your device should startup if it was run correctly, but if not, try doing it a couple more times. If you still don’t respond, try the following:

  1. Press and hold the volume down button and do not release it.
  2. Then, hold down the power button while holding down the volume down button.
  3. Hold both keys together for 10 or more seconds.

It is the same as the first procedure, but this time we make sure that you are doing it correctly. You can press and hold both buttons or hold down the volume to get the result we expect. If, however, the device still does not respond, switch to the next solution.

Second solution- charge the phone and restart

If the firmware has crashed, the phone will not respond even if you connect it to the charger. This is why it is necessary to charge the phone and perform the forced restart procedure while it is being charged. Here’s how you do it…

  1. Connect the charger to a working wall socket.
  2. Connect the Note 9 to your charger using the original cable.
  3. Regardless of whether it responds or not, leave it connected to the charger for at least 10 minutes.
  4. Now, press and hold both the volume button and the power buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds or more.

Assuming the problem is due to low battery and / or firmware crash, the phone should reboot. However, if you still do not respond even after performing these two procedures, it is possible that you are facing a hardware problem. This time, I suggest you take the phone to the store where you bought it and allow a technician to check it.

I hope I was able to help you solve the problem of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 does not turn on!


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