Samsung Galaxy SmartTag – Worthwhile Bluetooth Tracker

Samsung Galaxy Smarttag
Samsung Galaxy Smarttag

Looking for something in a garden packed full of many things? You’d certainly appreciate something to aid you to find anything you need quickly. In the real world, man cares about the speed at which he can accomplish anything. In the e-space, it is still the same thing.

When Samsung manufactured this Galaxy SmartTag, some people said that this device is a noteworthy thing to own inside Samsung’s walled garden. Sure enough, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is a Bluetooth tracker. How does it work? We’ll get to that later.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Overview

This overview touches on the design and build of this Samsung Galaxy SmartTag. As far I know, it is a 38 x 38 x 8 mm heavy gadget. It weighs just 12 grams, which is not that heavy. It comes in colors black and oatmeal. It is also water-resistant, up to IPX3 level. There’s also a CR2032 battery in there.

Galaxy Smarttag Bluetooth Tracker
Galaxy Smarttag Bluetooth Tracker

Of course, with this brief overview, you can tell that the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is a really simple gadget. The rounded corners make it easy for you told it inside your palm for long without feeling any pain. You could feel like you’re holding a small pebble in your hand when you clasp your hand around it.

It is formidable against water to some extent. A test conducted by users at a point showed that the device could last overnight inside the snow and it will still be in good working condition the next morning. Another group left it in the snow over the weekend and it still worked nicely on Monday morning.

There’s a hole in one side, allowing you to add it to keys, so can always reach out to it. There’s also a touch area allowing you to access the device features.  Though it is not a physical button, it can do a lot. Once you depress it, it clicks, letting you know that it actually responds.

Let’s say you don’t know where it is. There’s an onboard beeper that acts as an alarm. The battery inside of the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag can last for 280 days. But you can replace it easily whenever you want.

Galaxy Smarttag
Galaxy Smarttag

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag- How it Works

The battery and Bluetooth give you the opportunity to connect to the device. The SmartThings app enables you to make use of this gadget. You need a Galaxy Smartphone to make use of it. If your Android is not as high as Android 8, you certainly can’t use the SmartTag. If you connect to iOS phones it will not work. This is why some refer to the Samsung Walled Garden when talking about the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag.

Using your Samsung account, log into the SmartThings app. It enables a Bluetooth connection. If you have other eligible Samsung phones, you will see the gadgets if they have the SmartThings app installed.

The SmartTag works through the information gathered by your smartphone. Once your phone is out of range, your phone can tell you the last location when it was connected. If the phone is in range with the SmartTag, you can ring it and if you didn’t know where the SmartTag was it will ring out so you can easily find it.


Samsung Galaxy SmartTag does its job well in locating any lost item on the portal. One thing that makes it a darling to many people is the alarm which carries far enough for you to okay it. Note that once you are no longer using a Samsung phone, you can’t use the SmartTag anymore.


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