Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Users banned from using the watch after update

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the best smartwatch currently available for the Android market. However, the latest update released for its companion application makes it impossible to use this watch on some smartphones.

At issue is the latest update for the Galaxy Watch 4 Plugin application. After its update, there are several users who complain that their smartwatch cannot connect with the smartphone.

Galaxy Watch 4 crashes on non-Samsung smartphones

According to the reports of injured users, the problem caused by the latest update for the Galaxy Watch 4 Plugin app is felt in non-Samsung equipment. This means that if you use the smartwatch with a South Korean phone you shouldn’t have any problems.

The update causing these issues was released by Samsung on December 8th. This brings to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 new holiday season commemorative dials plus a runtime exception fix.

However, what should be a good update for the Galaxy Watch 4 is becoming a nightmare for some users. The problem appears to be widespread, however, some non-Samsung users still use this device normally.

Those affected report that the application continues to request that it be updated. However, there is still no other update available and therefore a fix for the problem you noticed.

Something that makes this situation even more painful is the fact that there is still no solution to the problem. In other words, if you are one of those affected by these pairing issues, you will have to wait for an official fix to be made available.

Samsung has not yet commented on the problem

Despite the large complaints arising from this bug in the Galaxy Watch 4 Plugin application, Samsung has not yet commented on the situation. Contacted by several specialist publications, the South Korean woman fell silent.

Still, the multiple negative reviews present on the Google Play Store have certainly signaled the issue with Samsung. It is expected, therefore, that the South Korean is already working on a fix for the problem.

However, we advise caution when updating the Galaxy Watch 4 Plugin app for those who do not have a Samsung smartphone. There is a strong possibility that your Galaxy Watch 4 will become unusable after the completion of this update.