Samsung mocks Apple fans in a Note 8 ad

Samsung has once again kicked into the fans of the Apple company. Although it seems that the producers do not need to “kick” anymore, the opposite is true. In the new Galaxy Note 8, Samsung has amazed the functionality of iPhones, which can not do things that are common to Samsung.

Samsung in a new ad shows how people in 2007 were waiting to buy the first iPhone 2G. Additionally, the ad moves for the year 2010, when the iPhones suffered from small storage with the possibility of non-extension. Not to be missed, Samsung will also return to 2013 when Apple introduced the 4 “iPhone 5, and Samsung has already offered the Galaxy Note with a huge display and touch pen. The ad also shows that Samsung smartphones were waterproof already in 2016 and still offer a 3.5mm headphone jack in 2022 while the iPhone does not offer this earphone jack.

In fact, in recent years, Apple has been catching up with other manufacturers’ functionality. An example is the new iPhone X, which features an OLED display. This is a huge innovation for Apple fans, but like fans of Samsung or old Nokia, this screen has been back in front of you for years.


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