Samsung patents an all-screen phone with magnets (removable bezels)

Samsung is a company that has all kinds of patents. It has been one of the first to patent a flexible screen device, but Koreans go further. Since they now have a new patent for an all-screen phone. In this case, the screen of the phone would be surrounded by four pieces that adhere to the screen with magnets.

Samsung patents an all-screen phone with magnets

These are pieces that are attached to the phone’s screen and can be removed when the user wants, which would serve as the phone’s chassis. Thus, the user could remove these frames at the time they wish.

Samsung Patente

Samsung’s new patent

These four strips would be integrated with the screen of the phone using magnets which seems to be strong enough to not move or fall with the normal use of the device. So the phone seemed complete with them, but that the user could remove at some point. This Samsung patent implies that these strips are more decorative than useful.

Also, it seems that they could be replaced by other pieces if the user wants it that way. So the core of this Samsung phone would stay the same, but you can add pieces to make it more complete or give it a different look.

It is a patent, so it is possible that this product never reaches the market. Although it is interesting to see the ideas that the company has and the way in which their phones could be in the near future.

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