SDK – Zoom Exposes More of Its Services and Tools to Developers

Video Conferencing Software Zoom Goes Public On Nasdaq Exchange
Video Conferencing Software Zoom Goes Public On Nasdaq Exchange

Zoom, a video conferencing platform is ready to take a business to a whole new level. The company is ready to help developers to take advantage of its services in a new way.

Zoom became very popular last year during the COVID-19 lockdown. It wasted no time in distributing and selling its apps. Now, the company has unveiled a new software development kit that can help developers embed Zoom video services inside other apps.

The company said that its video SDK enables developers to leverage Zoom’s industry-leading HD video, audio, and interactive features to build video-based applications and present amazing desktop experiences with native user interfaces. The information was released at the same time that the new SDK was released.

People who want to include video in their app could try coding it themselves or simply take advantage of Zoom’s expertise in making use of the SDK to add a video to the application. This move may help to save a lot of time and effort.

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The future that Zoom is looking forward to is that of embedding video in social, gaming, or retail applications in such cases where the video can enhance the user experience. It is looking for ways in which videos can be used to sell or explain aspects to an audience in a way it was never before explored.

For instance, with this in mind, a shop owner may be able to use the new SDK technology to show different outfits to an online shopper in a live video feed, while discussing their tastes in real-time.

Zoom is also looking forward to doing more. It wants to help developers take advantage of all the tools that they can have at their disposal. In view of this, the company is looking forward to announcing a central developer portal.


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