How To Force Your Device To Use 4G LTE Only

Huawei is found guilty for infringing 4G LTE patents
Huawei is found guilty for infringing 4G LTE patents

A lot of times, people ask me to check their internet connections because they are experiencing slow network connections. Apart from the regular network wahala from the service providers, I find out that their network band is actually set on Edge/GSM, and they do not know how it got like that or how to change it.

With the final entrance of major Telecom giants into the 4G network hosting, Nigerians can finally upgrade from the insufferable Edge and Undependable 3G networks. The only problem is that some users do not know how to change the network settings on their devices to enjoy this incredible network speed.

We got 4G technology with almost all our major networks, and this post will show you how to set 4G LTE as your preferred network on Android, iPhone, windows, and blackberry.

You will need the following An active 4G LTE Sim card, A region that supports a 4G LTE network, and most importantly, please make sure your device supports 4G.

How To Set 4G LTE As Your Preferred Network On Android, iPhone, Windows & Blackberry

Set 4G LTE as your preferred network on an Android device

  •  From the home screen, open apps, then select settings.
  • From the Wireless & Network category, navigate and click More.
  • Choose Mobile Networks.
  • Under Mobile Network Settings, choose the Preferred Network Type, select 4G/3G/2G(auto) or 4G only if available.

In some phones, select LTE/WCDMA or 4G LTE only. Click OK to save and apply new settings.

NOTE – if the above method did not work for your Android device, you can check out this tutorial – How To Force 3G/H/H+/4G LTE Only On Your Android.

Set 4G LTE as your preferred network on an iPhone

For iPhone users, the process is fairly easy;

  • Navigate to Settings Choose General Scroll and choose cellular Select and enable 4G LTE.

Set 4G LTE as your preferred network on a Windows device

  • Simply Navigate to Settings Select Celluar + Sim
  • Select the highest connection speed, also check to know if LTE is in the options.

Set 4G LTE as your preferred network on a Blackberry device

These steps are for devices running the old BB OS; all new blackberry devices run Android

  • Select settings
  • Go to Network and Connection Select Mobile Network
  • Open Network mode, and you’ll see 4G/3G/2G, then choose preferred.

If all goes well, your settings page should take a while to reboot, and then the usual Edge or H+ sign should change into a 4G or LTE sign.


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