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Simple Step To Update Your Chromebook

Everyone wishes to have a Chromebook. Chromebooks are beautiful, and they are popular because they are easy and affordable to use and one of the reasons why they are popular is because of their ChromOS which exhibit total simplicity. Just like every other OS, Chrome OS also has a updates option available. The update is very important because they help to fix all bugs and also create an enabling environment for the user. The update also helps to fix all security issues. In addition, you can expect some new and impressive features when you update your Chromebook. In this post, we are going to explain to you, how you will be able to update your Chromebook.

The remarkable thing about Chromebooks is that every single moment you switch them on, they will always check if an update is available for you or not. And when you eventually download an upgrade in your device, you will see that an arrow just next to where your account photo is. So, in other to install it, you will need just to click the arrow, and then click and Restart your device for the update to fully take effect.

But, what about if you wish to update your Chromebook by yourself?  Without the automatic process. Don’t worry; we are going to explain that to you in details.

How to update a Chromebook by yourself

Before we explain to you how you can update your Chromebook by yourself, please make sure that your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network and not your mobile data. Now just follow the few simple steps below, and you will be alright:

  • First, click your account photo
  • Next, click the gear icon to gain access to the settings
  • Now click on the hamburger icon to show the menu
  • Now Choose About Chrome OS
  • Click “Check for updates” which is located under the Google Chrome OS
  • If there is an update available there, your Chromebook will by itself download the update.

If there is no new operating system version, you will notice that Your Chromebook is actually up to date under the Google Chrome operating system. In that same view, you can see the version of your Chrome operating system you presently have.

This is how to update a Chromebook by yourself. It is as easy and as simple as that, and it does not involve too many struggles and work.

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